21 Things to Do Around Oahu, Hawaii | Two residents share their favorite things to do on Oahu

Here are our favorite things to do in Oahu, Hawaii in 2021. This is your guided tour of what Oahu has to offer, the best things to do for your Hawaii vacation! See our itineraries for more details and more places to visit.

There is so much to do on Oahu in 2021. We debated long and hard to make this list of our favorite things to do on #Oahu, #Hawaii. Jump in the car with us as we show you all The Gathering Place has to offer for your Hawaii vacation.

How to fit these things to do into your Oahu, Hawaii vacation? Download our Oahu Itinerary for your dream Hawaii vacation:

Links mentioned:
Hawaiian Heritage Center for Chinatown Tour: https://www.hawaiiheritagecenter.org/chinatown-tours
Pearl Harbor Memorial Official Website: https://www.nps.gov/perl/index.htm

Chapters for Maui, Hawaii Whale Watching:
00:00 Intro
01:04 How to get around Oahu
01:30 Where to Stay in Oahu
02:10 Surf Waikiki Break
02:50 Ala Moana Beach Park
03:15 ‘Iolani Palace
03:50 Chinatown
04:55 Bishop Museum
05:33 Pearl Harbor
06:05 Highway Inn for Hawaiian food
06:20 Ko Olina Lagoons at Ko Olina Resort
06:54 Haleiwa Town
07:37 Waimea Bay
08:04 Waimea Valley
08:39 Romy’s Kahuku Shrimp Hut
09:07 Kualoa Ranch
10:10 Kualoa Regional Park and island
10:36 Lanikai Beach (include kayaking)
11:42 Waimanalo Beach
12:10 Makapu’u Beach & Lighthouse
12:32 Koko Head CraterHike
13:01 Diamond Head Hike
13:46 Leonard’s Malasadas
14:01 Waikiki Beach

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  1. Haha lol 😂🤣 I got dizzy when I went around the island of Honolulu
    The bridge 🌉 I went there
    But i don’t live there I live around Waipahu
    Oh I’m finishing to watch the i video but I had been to some of those places
    Wait isn’t Honolulu on Oahu 😳🤣😂

  2. would not buy fish from china town or fruits and vegetables, magruo brothers can but not none of those other vendors I seen legend rats in there and I seen the chrons sell fish from out the alawai

  3. I really enjoyed watching this! We have been to all of the islands over the years, and this video brings back lots of memories. Do you have similar videos of Kauai and Maui? Our last visit to Hawaii but just before the pandemic started last year, 2020….now we are so anxious to get back to any of the islands, we are fully vaccinated, just watching the news to see when we will feel safe traveling again.

  4. I have been wanting to go to Hawaii for years like most people. I am finaly getting closer to that goal ❤ planning on this island for sure. I have to go see all the pineapples!

  5. Heading there the end of May!! Thank you for the great ideas on things to do!! North shore is my favorite place… I also love the windward side of the island and will be staying near Kailua/Kaneohe!! 🙂

  6. The absolute best thing to do on Oahu is fly back home when your vacation is done. That way you can come back and it’s still special, you ruined a little bit by staying.

  7. We are not at Hawaii yet but I’ve been watching your shows since we were waiting I watch your shows over and over the last one I think is this one I love watching your shows😊 🙂

  8. I missed Oahu Waikki beach….so much. I'm came there with my sisters and mom last November of 2019….We mostly rides Uber and rental car for two day only. Just Wonder since the covid19 restriction is there still uber driver. I'm want to be back for a visit again with my kids and husband.

  9. Thanks for the video. Could you guys make a video of going around Oahu without a car from Waikiki Beach or Aloa Moana? Due to car rental shortage, many are not renting a car while staying in Hawaii for more than a week in Oahu. Thanks again. Beautiful family!

  10. Lived on Oahu for 27 years. We're on the mainland for a few years now, but we still have all our property rented out there and will be moving back in a couple more years. Many of the restaurants, food places, and resorts you showed are my wife's clients over the years.

  11. Thank you for your review <3 your son is so cute <3 I have the intention to visit OAHU in October. Is the weather good for travel at that time? is it cold or heavy rain? And what month is the best one to visit Hawaii? Hope get your reply soon. Thank you 🙂

  12. Whoa this guy’s voice changes. In their 21 Things To Do In Maui video he sounds just like Roman Balkanov on YouTube. In this video he sounds just like Chip Gaines of Fixer Upper. That’s cool!

  13. I'm so happy to found this channel! We're planning our trip for September (it's June now) and I greatly appreciate all the tips and resources you shared! How long was this trip you showed? We're only there for a week and I don't think we'll be able to do everything on the list, so I want to have a realistic expectation of how much can be done over a short course in time. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Mixed emotions about your video. You are obviously transplants. And not true locals. You might know what I mean. That said the video is nice with eye pleasing locations. Also personally I appreciate you covering general areas. And not just sending tourists into a 100 yard line of haoles trying to prevent locals from getting a malasada or plate lunch

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