We really needed an adventure to reset us for 2022 and hiking Halape on the Big Island of Hawaii did exactly that. We bit off a bit more than we bargained for on this 3 days survival spearfishing mission and probably should have brought some food. We have some pretty serious ups and downs but together overcome the grueling hike and near starvation to have an unbelievable adventure.

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Pathos Laser Carbon Roller Spearguns. I’m currently using the 110 as my deep reef and bluewater gun.
Pathos Laser Carbon Roller Speargun

Pathos Sniper Aluminum Speargun. I like the 100 cm for a shallow water all around reef gun.
Pathos Sniper Aluminum Speargun

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Pathos Laser Open Aluminum Speargun

Cetma Mantra Fins. I’m using these in medium stiffness with Pathos footpockets.
Cetma Composites Mantra for Pathos

SpearPro Dyneema Gloves. I am a huge fan of Dyneema gloves and these are simply the best.
SpearPro Dyneema Gloves Tuna

PoloSub 3.5 mm Open Cell Wetsuit. Comfort is everything in the ocean and I haven’t found anything else like the Italian made PoloSub suits.
Polosub Lined Open Cell Black 3.5mm Mens Wetsuits

Beuchat Mundial Freedive Watch.
Beuchat Mundial 3 – Electronic Freediving Computer / Dive Watch

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  1. Love all the videos… but it hurts to see when you guys throw the heads away when you make the lobsters. Next time when you make lobster at home, cook the entire thing. Boil them in milk, butter, garlic, lemon, cappers and marin. When done separate tail and head and pour all the head juice and scrape the fat from the head over a bed of rice. My girlfriend never used to eat the guts from the head until I showed her and now she can’t get enough of it.

  2. Did you guys go swim in the pools of spring water? They are filled with prawns and small fish. The last time I was down there was over 34 years ago. We hiked down from the Pali, and back up. It was shorter, but just as hard. Glad you both made it there and back.

  3. We stopped and talked briefly at the start of your hike, I was grumbling about whoever spray painted the rocks. When you told me you were going all the way to Halape iki, I thought, oh man! They are in for one cooker of a day.
    Great adventures never come easy. Thanks for the show.

  4. Nice one guys. Pretty cool vid.
    We’re all stuck at home with COVID so nice to have some great content during isolation. Just makes me wish I could go jump in the ocean though.

  5. Aloha Ryan,
    Just wanted to ask a favor of you. Many of the places that you share in your videos have become significantly more crowded in this new world of posting and sharing. I appreciate you sharing your diving techniques and stories. I would however kindly ask that certain less touched places that are becoming more and more pressured be left a little less exposed. You can do the same videos without naming everything. Those who know, will know, and those who don’t might be able to still have an adventure if they are willing to put in the work. Please consider that some of these spots are places that someone grew up adventuring too and over the past 20 or 30 years have seen them change significantly. No fault of yours but keeping some of the island’s special places less exposed would be appreciated. 🙏

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