38 minutes of terror in Hawaii

Human error that triggered a false missile alert turned Hawaii upside down. People crawled under tables in cafes, were ushered into military hangars and huddled around televisions to watch the news for the latest developments.



  1. I live there. My wife and I had recently gotten up..it was a Sunday morning if I recall. So we are having coffee and the kids are asleep when we get this alert. For everyone saying "oh..it was soooo scary"…they are fools..at least the residents like me who were scared were fools. I knew IMMEDIATELY that it was a fuck up. Let's just say…when you know the State of Hawaii is involved ..it's going to be a fuck up on their part 99.99% of the time.

  2. Kim Jung Un is a joke. His tests are like someone waving a $100 bill boasting of his wealth when that's all he has. He's batshit crazy and if he had the ability to and confidence that China would back him, he'd have already fired at us. We owe China money and we're their biggest customers. How would Amazon stay in business if not for China? China already owns the world through businesses! Warehouses. Factories. They're feeding the capitalist demon more than we are so they don't need a broke ass bitch.
    Yes, h'es got some capability but N Korea is a starving, near broken nation that is ready to uprise and overthrow his fat ass. They were promised "no more hunger" in the 90's. He's got tunnels everywhere bc that coward will run as soon as a war breaks out, if it does. China only uses him as a pawn. If they were allies, they'd not be looking the other way while they defected to Thailand in droves.
    Russia, maybe? Yeah, right. Russia agrees with their ideology but he's just a joke to them, as well. Russia has bigger fish to fry, more important, wealthy countries to focus on. It's just lip service.
    There will likely be an uprise, starting with elites, before the end of next year 2022 unless he can at least feed them. Which he can't.

  3. Guessing no one here lived during the Cold War bc this is nothing. If the message was reneged within a couple of minutes, there was no reason for the media to continue to discuss the matter. They incited the panic with constant attention. Furthermore, if a missile was launched with only a few minutes to spare, you'll be dead.

  4. My family gathered together, if we were going to die, we were going together. While I was sitting in a chair with my family around, I kept thinking that all would be well. Thought that the missile would be taken out by one of our missiles. Somewhere in my background I felt I had heard that the skies were being monitored and we had the ability to take out a threat like this. I told my family don't worry, everything was going to find. There's a lot of people on the island believe it actually was an attack, and we are told a mistake happen, is a cover up, to not panic everyone. We'll never know the truth because the government feels, we couldn't deal with the truth.

  5. Imagine being one of the most chill and cool people in the world and you are in Hawaii and you get the missile alarm and you say, My life is ending. And you take a sip of your drink, and just enjoy the rest of your vacation

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