[4K] Hawaii – WAIKIKI at night – A very busy and energetic Friday night in the heart of Waikiki!

4K Hawaii Walking Tour / Join me for a stroll around the heart of Waikiki on a very busy and energetic Friday night, as we embark on another epic people watching adventure!

July 2021

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ハワイ 4K
Walk Hawaiiは音楽やトーク無し テキストなしで見られる、そのままのハワイの今を感じられるバーチャルハワイツアーを配信しています





  1. As a guy, single & ready to mingle, what I like about Hawaii compare to all the other 49 states is that the girls of Hawaii wear tight/skin-revealing clothing (such as crop tops & shorts or crop tops & jeans) YEAR-ROUND!!!

    Other 49 states, especially cold states like Alaska, the girls there only wear tight revealing clothing during the summer. But during Fall, Winter, & even Spring, they cover-up with extra layer.

    Even Florida (rival of Hawaii), but on their winter-time, still more cover up. Therefore, if I were to go to Hawaii, I go during the winter time.

    A lot of fine babes we see here in this video! If I were there in person, I would feel like a kid in a candy store!

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