BEACH TREASURE HUNT in Hawaii 👀 Adley & Niko finding eggs, easter candy, and our new Summer Merch!!

see if you can find our merch….
…. i bet you know where to find it 🏝️

HEY EVERYBODY!! We are in HAWAII and it’s EASTER time! So today we are going to have a Hawaiian egg hunt on the beach! Mom and Dad put on their bunny faces and hid a bunch of eggs all over our beach backyard, and it was Me and Niko’s job to find them all! While we were looking for eggs I found a BABY CRAB 🦀 and a little crab claw on the sand. Some of the eggs were really easy to find, but other ones were hidden really good! One egg was even buried in sand, and it had a treasure hunt clue in it. It said to look in the beach pirate fort, so we followed the clue and ran over to a fort built of sticks on the beach. There was a suitcase inside! When we opened it up it was full of our new A for Adley summer tie dye shirts! They are all soooo cool, so we tried them on and had a little beach dance party. Luckily we had extra shirts so we took some to deliver to all of our friends that came to Hawaii with us. You can get one too on

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*