1. Absolutely love the video. I been having trouble finding aluminum arrows for my recurve but now I c carbons offer a traditional look so I will b ordering these. Thank u n again awesome video.

  2. Great hunt! Thank you for taking the time to show the importance of a slow methodical tracking job!
    Your a great teacher and the message of responsibility after the shot both to the animal and the hunting community is a message that can't be proclaimed enough. Well done. I also enjoyed your filming and editing job. very professional especially when done solo!

  3. Hey Ryan, I just watched your video, because I am planning to pack my bow and little hunt on to a family trip to the big island. You have done a great service for the trad world. Keep up the great work.

  4. What type of camo shirt are you wearing? Nice hunt btw! I agree with you about tracking being the second hunt. I enjoy the suspense during the track and then the surprise of finally locating the animal.

  5. Ryan, I'm from Waimea and used to hunt Pohakuloa. You're doing a great thing for Hawaii hunters by demonstrating true ethics. Keep up the spirit and great work.

  6. very nice vid, enjoyed it all hope you found your arrow in the end!!! im super happy with my bob lee but have not gotten to take an animal with it yet but i will keep trying like you said theres no cheating with this stuff!!!

  7. Very Nice Video my friend! Always nice to see a person who values the live of animals and honors the way of nature like it should be in the first place! not alot of people face the challenge of true hunting, the way our ancestor did it , and in my opinion the way it should be done! also the song right at the beginning is very relaxing , would u tell me how its called? cant seem to find it

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