BIG ISLAND HAWAII, TOP 15 things to Do, Kona, Hilo, Waipio Valley, Hawaii Volcanoes NP, Akaka Falls

I’m excited to share with you one of my favorite Hawaiian islands The BIG Island! Over the years, I’ve been to most (5) of the Hawaiian Islands one of my favorites is definitely the Big Island. On this last trip, I compiled a list of the best things to do on the Big Island. Hope you enjoy it. Please subscribe!

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  1. Just to add, "Mauna Kea" is "NOT higher than Mount Everest" – which is 29000+ feet in altitude from sea level, while "Mauna Kea" is 13000+ feet – so just a quick "Fact Check" 🙂

  2. Another thing you don't do in Hawaii. Do not call out any peeping toms. They could be police or associated with police. I made police reports on my neighbors peeping perverting around . Even hacking phones. I have 7 police reports in Kailua-Kona Hawaii. 3 police lied all over the reports about names and addresses. Even me owning cars in their driveway. Beware of up Lako St. This was in a Police neighborhood when I made reports. 3 families confirmed this has been happening for years b4 I got there. Aggressive sexual harassment and death threats Its a cover up.. it seems to be a big " secret"

  3. Being a resident of Hilo, HI, try not to use Big Island and use Hawai'i Island instead, because you would not use the Garden Isle, Hawai'i instead of Kauai. So try to use each name for every island maybe say Hawai'i Island aka the Big Island. Mahalo and have an incredible day! 😊

  4. Dont go, dont even think about fuckin moving there either. Fucking outsiders buyung out sacred lands, making it more and more unaffordable. Stay in Kansas, or Ohio, or wer ever da fuk u came from.

  5. Honestly, I"m pretty bummed out Hawaii has blown up as much as it has. It's becoming increasingly over populated and not everyone treats it with the utmost respect. We keep blowing it up like this and literally all of those sacred, well kept spots are exposed. sadly, they quickly become less and less sacred with more traffic and development.

  6. I lived on the Big Island for almost 20 years. Ive been to /done all these places and many other secret spots only the locals know about. Hawaii is my spiritual home. Many beautiful memories and experiences.

  7. Gonna add a few things, if youre gonna see the shores, especially the rocky ones or ones with plenty of waves, NEVER turn your back on the ocean, its something locals know, especially opihi pickers and shore fishermen, the waves can sneak up on you and take you out or slam you against reef or rocks.
    If you get dragged out to sea by rip currents, dont fight it, let it take you or swim parallel to shore, youll just exhaust yourself and drown, eventually itll take you to a more calm area.
    Dont leave your valuables in your car, especially in tourist areas, theres a lot of good people here but theres also crooks and crackheads here too, rental cars are easy to spot.
    Dont try to be hot shit and jump off rainbow falls, youre not the first to try, and it seems like each year, at least one tourist dies, you die an idiot and no one feels bad for you. Goes for boiling pots too, dont swim in it if you dont know what youre doing.
    Dont swim or drink from rivers, we have wild pigs and they can carry some disease, they crap near rivers and it gets into some streams. Idr what diseases they are but theyre serious ones.
    The tap water in hilo tastes great, if youre in kona, get bottled water, it tastes like crap there.
    And as others have mentioned, and very important, DONT BE AN ASSHOLE, treat others with respect, in person and on the road, be courteous, and youll likely get the same treatment. People here dont ‘’hate haoles’’, they hate how many from the mainland act, some mainland people come here with respect and get along fine all their lives living here, theres assholes from the mainland that act up and get their asses beaten and move back to the mainland and cry that hawaiians are racist. Just be respectful.
    Also, fun fact: the end of water world was filmed in waipio valley

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