1. There are 27 persons running for Governor in Hawaii. 17 of them are Republicans, I would respect BJ a lot more if he ran for State House or Senate because there are no Republicans running for a representative seat on the Big Island. Why do the average Republicans what to be king but don't want to do the required work?

  2. I’m born and raised same neighborhood as BJ, WAINAKU🤙🏼💪🏼🙏🏼💯, we followed him our whole life, win or lose, so stoke to see his MANA recharged and thinking about solutions for better Hawaii, it’s harder then ever, and he willing to try do something about it, Mahalo Bradda BJ🤙🏼🙌🏼HiloBoys

  3. So many times this guy and MakuaRothman talk racist stuff about white people and visitors(HAOLES) to Hawaii , i cant even believe where they get the idea that they gonna win a position in politrics! , they really dont get it. Guy is a fighter , where or who told him that he should be in politrics? , and MakuaRothman the same , what made him think he can be involved in that type work , lol , this bros most it be smoking that killer Hawaiian METH one night and they came up with this , they think that because rapist Trump win one time (but got spit out of the whitehouse like a turd) that they also can manipulate weak minded voters to elect them , what an embarrassment and a waste of campaign money!

  4. we are sooooo many good people…good people don't destroy anything and don't riot..! ! All people want their peace, no matter what skin color, no matter what religion. .no matter if policeman or "normal" citizen of the country, no matter if doctors or military. !..why then are lives destroyed and taken..?

  5. I lived in the island of oahu for about 4 years (2019 – 2022) when I was in the Army and if it wasn’t for the military housing allowance every month I would’ve never been able to survive in Hawaii. Life is hard out there but oh my god is it beautiful just not beautiful enough for me to justify paying 1900 for a studio.

  6. As a native we have no voice …… BJ is our VOICE!!! Guys like Dwayne da rock Johnson and Jason momoa all could be doing the same truth is they ain’t fighters LFG Hawaiian lands in Hawaiian hands

  7. I like the messaging but I don't trust Elon musk and at least someone showing passion for the environment and honest change. I am pleasantly surprised. I first thought was not so good. I can dig it.

  8. We can help Elon Musk. He need us moa den we need him and das cuz our computational skills by way of our language is a component in today’s technological advances.

  9. Joe said on this podcast that MEN who get into a position of power show aggression. The entire Democrat party is women except for the leader who is used to soak in blame while women destroy the country. Joe hasn't had a real experience with a woman since he was 18. Every person in his life is kissing his ass. Please

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