Bright blue UFO seen crashing into ocean near Hawaii prompts calls to 911, FAA | ABC7

An unidentified flying object spotted in Hawaii caught enough people’s attention to get the Federal Aviation Administration involved.

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  1. Fri. my neighbors & I were out watching a fleet of these. We called the police. I've seen lights in the skies before but never neon blue and there were a bunch. Looked like this. A Kansas event.

  2. Just imagine these things are in our oceans, and they see dead animals in fishing nets and garbage everywhere. I bet they are dying to make contact with us.

  3. I saw strange flying object around an hour ago. Thats why im searching on this topic. It was around 11.30pm in Colombo.That was not a helicopter, plane or drone and it was circle shaped. I was able to see it same as a size of a plate from ground . It has light blue to white colour. Moved so fast and later I heard a noise similar to a fan. I thought it as a somekind of meteroid but they are yellow colur , no sound and decreesing the light but This was not decresed. It was in same size until moved away from my sight. Still Im thinking what kind of military equipment or UFO was that

  4. The navy will be blowing up another 40,000lb bomb detonated in Florida a few weeks ago. Claiming they were doing aircraft carrier tests to see if it can with stand the tnt explosion right next to them. I don’t believe that excuse for a second Smh

  5. Real quick, there’s a difference between aliens and ufos. Aliens are typically creatures from space. UFOs could be any flying thing, from an insect to alien spacecrafts

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