COVID: Tourists Urged To Postpone Travel Plans To Hawaii Due To Surge

The Governor of Hawaii was urging people not to come there. Maria Medina tells us COVID surge happening in Hawaii is so bad the governor issued a warning for tourists to stay away.



  1. Good! The fact that people are so disrespectful toward others. No one needs to be traveling anywhere! Every state in the union has breathe taking natural wonders – stfh and enjoy what you have, plan for next year. Selfish, pure selfishness.

  2. Lol I’ve been traveling back and forth to Hawaii from CA every other month since the beginning of the pandemic. Never gotten anything…yet anyway.

  3. I ain’t canceling my trip because some noobs refuse to get vaccinated. Instead of urging tourists not to visit, urge your damn population to get vaccinated. Even kids in other countries understand this concept. Unvaccinated people with Covid shouldn’t even be saved at this point.

  4. Hawaii used to be the safest state until our Governor opened up the islands to travel. Figuring being vaccinated and having negative tests was a sure safe way to travel. Now we are up to our eyeballs in Covid. Even school children are getting Covid but schools remain open! At the beginning of this pandemic, schools were closed but had at-home studying. Tourists will still come to Hawaii. Returning islanders are bringing Covid too. We are not safe.

  5. vaccination is not working as advertised. vaccinated need to take covid test for travel as well. Vaccinated catch and spread covid…vaccines do not stop community spread…masks do work.

  6. So getting a jab is more important then getting healthy? So I'm selfish because I take care of my health and don't want to put the experimental gene therapy in my body, but you're fat and choose to stay that way and make unhealthy decisions but get the jab now you're a hero. Talk about rewarding laziness. If being called fat and unhealthy makes you feel a certain way then that means you need to change something. Wake up people!

  7. Here in Orlando, Florida our hospitals are full with covid patients but our governor is still going on Fox News all the time saying come to Florida we have no restrictions.

  8. 60 % of hawaii is vaxed , what is going on in the world I thought the vax is the end of this . I know people will say 100% vax is required so what happens when the experiment fails and a new variant evolves to circumvent the vax ? Sheeple stop and think. What happens if the vaxed immune system is compromised and the vaxcinees can fight off the new variant. A Colossal death event could be upon us. STOP AND THINK

  9. It sure was good for them to hold those Hawaiian vacation plans off for the time being due to a recent COVID-19 surge because they knew that it's just a bad time right now for them to go to Hawaii. It's best for all of them AND everyone else all across the entire United States of America to absolutely postpone those Hawaiian trips until it's all finally safe for them to do so. OK? And in the meantime, everyone can either take a safe beach road trip to any beach in the mainland including those in California. Alright? They can do just only that OR choose to outright do the very same thing that I have been doing during all of this time AND that one thing is to keep themselves right at home. And besides, I SERIOUSLY want everyone out there to just use their smart brains right now, follow what's going on in the news right now in all regards to the ongoing Delta-driven Coronavirus pandemic and make those smart decisions accordingly. I most definitely just don't wanna see anyone out there letting their common sense get thrown right out of the damn window and try to go to Hawaii right now anyway because again, it's just a VERY bad time to do so right now.

  10. Aloha,

    If you are planning to visit Hawaii, please do not molest the wildlife. It is extremely frowned upon. You will be fined $100,000 and be sentenced to 14 years hard labor at the Zippy's factory in Kapolei.


  11. Nobody talks about immunity and natural remedies everybody wants the stupid vaccine ….. and this clown he’s already had a vaccine but he still got the virus seriously why don’t you just stop and wonder the vaccine does not work ……shut down the economy and destroy yourself within good job governors….Nothing but brainwashed sheep’s..

  12. My wife and I are fully vaccinated and a big believer of wearing masks and social distancing. But we have paid and booked everything we need for a maui vacation months in advance for September 14. Should we try to get a refund and if we can go will it even be worth it with all the restrictions?

  13. Hawaii was the first city restrict ban to unvaccinated travelers, only allowed full vaccinated people visiting there.
    And half year passed by, see the evidence has shown—-
    vaccinated people cause Variant

  14. We are booked for Oahu, Maui on 9/4…..we are Vaxxed. Had covid last year. Have not been sick in a year. Been around the virus 5 times since. Don't believe the hype. Ill stay at the beaches and away from the hype.

  15. Just got back from Maui a few weeks ago (3). And it was packed. Lahaina, Keihi, Wailea…to name a few spots. Alot of people not wearing masks and definitely not social distancing.
    The islands should shutdown down tourists for a few months, and besides, they have a water crisis as well.
    Stay healthy my fellow human.

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