Dad Saves His Little Girl! Surf and Swim Lessons Routine in Hawaii.

Family Rule : Get back on the horse. That means, when you have a bad experience, you fail, you get hurt or you fall down, YOU GET BACK UP AND TRY AGAIN! If it’s something you love, always end on a high note.

I have friends that used to LOVE surfing but after 1 terrible experience they wanted to take a little break. 1 week turned to multiple weeks and now it’s been years and that 1 terrible memory is so stuck at the front of their mind that they never want to surf again.

In contrast, Garrett had a near death experience surfing that left him in tears. He didn’t want to, but he forced himself to surf THE VERY NEXT DAY! Heart beating fast and shaky hands he paddled out. As soon as he caught 1 wave, the joy of that wave began to replace the terrible fear of the day prior.


Thank you for all your get well wishes. Manilla’s eye is doing great and Dorothy’s knee is healing quickly.

Thanks for love. Sending LOVE to you all around the world!
The Bucket List Family



Rachel Platten – Fight Song and Stand By You

Imagine Dragons – Thunder

Chumbawumba – I Get Knocked Down

This Magic Moment – Direct from Manilla’s heart


Little Brother SAVES Big Sister! Surf and Swim Lessons Routine in Hawaii.

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