Ezra Miller | ARRESTED After Threatening Couple In Hawaii | Where Are They Now?

Ezra Miller | ARRESTED After Threatening Couple In Hawaii The Flash | Where Are They Now?
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Ezra Miller, American actor known for Perks of Being a Wallflower and the Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, has been in some hot water lately for seemingly confronting patrons at a karaoke bar. The confrontation quickly turned physical and now they’ve been arrested and charged. This isn’t the first time Ezra has gotten physical with someone, as in 2020 a since deleted tweet of a video showcased an altercation between them and an unknown woman. Ezra’s aggression streak may now finally have some real world consequences as they are the subject of a restraining order and potentially they may lose some jobs in upcoming projects.
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  1. Any person who hits someone else unless in self-defence is a piece of shit and deserves no fame, only notoriety. He looks like a cretin, anyway.

  2. Wow this guy just gone spiraling first threatening some people at a bar then making a weird video about KKK members in a part of North Carolina. You know never really had an opinion on him or really hated him but after this I'm indifferent about him

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