FAMiLY VACATiON!! Flying with Adley, Niko, and Navey travel routine! our new Home in Hawaii day 1

we traded Utah snow for some Hawaii beach 🏝️


Best Flying Day Ever 1260

We’re going on a trip!! We have packed our bags and we are at the airport getting ready to go to one of our favorite places in the world, Hawaii! After we find our gate and get all settled, I take Navey for a walk to get all her wiggles out, cause we’re about to be trapped on a plane for 6 hours. Adley and Niko Bear come with us we run around, give shoulder rides and do anything else we can think of to burn some energy. Once we get on the plane, Niko and Adey want a picture with the pilot. I’ve taught them well lol.

Up in the air, Niko is playing our app Playspace, Adley is doing some home work, and Navey is just being super cute making faces and playing with another baby on the plane. But guess what, the kiddos have another surprise (a few actually). For every hour they are on the plane, the have a small present the get to open. Sometimes its candy, others its a toy to play with. Its a great diy idea by Jenny and helps pass the time for the kiddos on the long flight.

WE ARE IN HAWAii! We load up the rental car and can’t wait to see how beautiful this place is. We see the ocean and beaches, huge mountains and crazy trees. We also come up with brand new game, when we drive through a tunnel we have to hold our breath. Who ever is the last to breath wins. After a little driving, we arrive at our new vacation home and do a house tour as we all figure out which set of bunk beds Adley’s going to sleep on.

As we are looking around, we find that our backyard is right on the beach. We can’t help it, we run out and start playing in the water. Adley gets soaking wet, Niko Bear is throwing sand in the water, and Navey walks on sand for the very first time. Oh, I love it here!! I can’t wait to make tons of memories this trip and so excited that you are coming along with us.

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