Fishing for survival in Hawaii!

Catch and Cook in Hawaii. Catching different types of fish in Hawaii trying to figure what is edible and what isn’t! We end up smoking our catch and cook!

Similar Smoker to mine-
Apple Smoke Chips-
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Knives –
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Other Great Products I use:
Nitta Live Zip –
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Fishing reel for Mackerel –
Best Mackerel rod: (Model: TVC66M) –
Reels used Shimano 130 Tiagra –
Leader Line is Jinkai 300 Pound Test –
Hooks are Mustad 7/0- 9/0 (2) Pack –
Chrimps 1.9mm for 300lb Jinkai Leader –
Chrimper –
Best Hook Sharpener –
Best cut proof Leader Gloves –

Couple Video on How to:
Gaffs used were made by me let me show you how to make one:



  1. when i went on a charter in hawaii i payed over $500 dollers and they set the bait like 5 feet behind the boat and were trolling way to fast and no surprise we caught nothing

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