Fishing SOLO Live Baiting BLUE MARLIN in HAWAII!

A solo fishing day turned in some action. From catching bait to finding a nice rubbish and pulling a few mahimahi off of it. To end the day I was able to live bait a blue marlin at sunset. 🤙

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  1. Cherry video like watching u as much as I can maybe when u go out solo again we can Link up later in the fulture and go holoholo with u I live milolii on the Bigisland Hawaii the last fishing village down south Iam full time fishermen like my dad Iam 3rd generation . Keep in touch Milolii Boy out …. Aloha

  2. This is absolutely ridiculous! You have no idea what solo fishing is ! You skull dragged a tiny blue up to the boat with an electrified tiagra! I’d love to see you on 50 or 80lb stand up gear for 5 hrs on a big blue,come to oz and we’ll show you solo fishing pal !

  3. Hey man have been watching your videos for a while and love the info you provide. I know this is a strange question but am coming to Hawaii Oahu and was wondering if it would be possible to go out fishing with you make a video for both channels yours and ours. Am not asking for anything free but would like to give the money to you instead of a company. Will be there in October wife really wants to catch a marlin if possible

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  5. That shit was so funny when you scream STOP IT, YOU'RE GONNA MAKE MY BOAT BLOODY. And the fish kepp on jumping and you still screaming is funny as hell. The struggle is real.

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  7. Great action and again very awesome video. I live by that saying too. Never give up. On my kayak I lost a nice mahi-mahi on my only live bait that I caught. Went looking for more bait and caught one more sent it out and in 10 minutes 65 lbs sailfish. I almost gave up but didn’t and if I did no sailfish 👍🏻👍🏻

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