1. As a Hawaii resident, I suggest you shouldn't live here.
    1, it's a always so hot for a heat sensitive person like me
    2, rent, tax, and other payments are in space right now
    3, it is harming wildlife greatly
    4, the amount of people is just- nevermind.

    Basically reasons Hawaii isn't the best place fo live your life, but there are many pros if you dont think of cons!🌺🌺🌺🐚🏖🏝🌅🌄

  2. Glad to know air canada managed to get your bags to your destination. We went to Orlando for a cruise recently and air canada lost our luggage because it somehow didn't go on board. When they found it we got called down to guest services on the cruise and got the news that the luggage was found but they almost sent it to Nassau (where we were for the day.)

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