FLYING OVER KAUAI (4K) Hawaii's Garden Island | Ambient Aerial Film + Music for Stress Relief 1.5HR

10 HOUR VERSION @ | FLYING OVER OAHU @ | BUY (Download/DVD/License) @ | WATCH ON-DEMAND (free to try, no watermarks/ads) @ | ABOUT: “Flying Over Kauai” transports viewers on a visually breathtaking yet incredibly soothing & immersive aerial voyage over Hawaii’s Garden Island. Known for its lush tropical climate and epic coastlines like the famous NaPali Coast, the island when seen from above is bursting with natural beauty & wonders – such as vibrant waterfalls, magnificent canyons and pristine beaches. This version of the film features a brand new musical composition by the Cynic Project infused with ambient nature sounds for a multi-sensory relaxation experience that is par-excellence. MORE INFO / LINKS:

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Music by The Cynic Project

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  2. When I am watching this video, I am also visting Kauai . all these places enjoing them from the land. In two days I ll view them from helicopter. Your music makes a difference though. I am so lucky to experiance them alive. Thanks for doing this.

  3. Paradise indeed: Off route 56 towards Princeville, look for Anini Road (hard to spot), turn right, keep driving, see nothing but paradise. Some part of beaches are shallow for someone who can't swim like me. The lava rocks on sand/water block shark from approaching me. Just stand in shallow water up to my knees and watch marine lives of all colors/sizes coming to greet me and massage my feet…..where I want to die….well maybe along Napali coast is the other place!

  4. how to call this genre of music? i liked nature relaxation films because playing with this kind of music compared to other channel running with piano i dislike them.

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  6. I have a lot of pain and Iot of memories of the island my brother Gilbert passed away from a brain cancer afew days ago I helped him by his first house I loved him so much anyway I have been having dreams about gil that does not mark sence. I don't no

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