Food in Costco Hawaii

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  1. I lived in Hawaii for years

    And I miss Costco

    Not only because in the islands it’s the most affordable way to actually buy groceries

    But because of the wonder options unavailable on the mainland


    Miss me those Portuguese sausage egg and rice mornings

  2. I miss going to Hawaii so bad. Used to go about once a year as a kid…so many fond memories brought back just from seeing the kinds of foods they have available in a costco, lol

  3. One thing that people don’t get is that Japanese or any other Asians stores in Hawaii or people is not considered Hawaiian your not Hawaiian y’all were just born there because your people invaded or immigrated to Hawaii y’all need to stop with this Japanese Hawaiian food shit it’s not authentic Hawaiian so stop 😂😂😂

  4. When I lived in Honolulu, the Costco was the only place we’d go for the bulk of our groceries and the only place we’d get gas. Place was always busy. Especially the out door food court .

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