Hawaii 2021: Inside Singlehanded Sailing with Christian Williams

Full documentary, suggest streaming on TV screen using YouTube app. Third voyage of Thelonious, an Ericson 38, Los Angeles to Hawaii and return, 2021. Nineteen days outbound, 26 return in a season of storm trades and periodic gale-force winds. For subtitles click [cc].



  1. I'm only three minutes in but I'm just going to upvote this thing right now. Thank you Christian. I enjoy your videos. BTW, I bought the Alone Together audio book. It's next on my list for my work commute. I also have the Philosophy of Sailing book on my Kindle, which I highly recommend.

  2. That bit about “…knocking you down to take your food…” is a disturbing and unspoken truth for some. What is really sad is that in the same moment of reflection you didn’t acknowledge the symbiosis of your existence with our’s. Without us you are nothing, and visa versa. The shortages of the pandemic and the great resignation confirm such.

    I have enjoyed watching your voyage. It has reminded me of voyages with my father, who found service to be a better means of sustenance than fighting. Thank you for the entertainment.

  3. Captain Christian is an inspiring person! Amazing video! I would like to suggest a very cheap and super inspiring book titled Living the dream by José Nunes, available at Amazon! With several stories from the beginning of sailing in small sailboats to crossing the big South Atlantic…

  4. I like the Dinty Moore canned better too.
    I found for a super quick easy meal. Dirty Moore over the fresh cartons of Bob's or Dave's mashed potatoes, can't remember er the name, lol.

  5. That was some jibe! WHANG!! The joke was tops! As for the philosophy, I agree with an edit. I believe change is not only possible, it's constant. Other than physicalities, the main difference between 21 and 78 is experience which often necessitates change unless you live in a vault with a computer. Aloha…

  6. I'm a childlike 70 1/2, but I too have come upon the realization over the years that my self identity remains unchanged. I find this surprising, in that from my first memories, and then those throughout childhood, I thought, based on what I saw in my folks, that I would become wise, that I would think differently…that I would become a different person. Nope. But I'm satisfied with me too, so its ok.

  7. Sir, I sail out of Oxnard/ Channel Islands, I'd love to have a tequila with you one day, maybe at smugglers ….My father would be 78 had he not passed just before my marriage in 03', watching your adventure stokes my imagination of what it would be to hang with my old man today….

  8. My wife and I prepared a meal while watching your video, ate the meal, had a glass of wine, and watched the rest of it, all in one sitting. It was spellbinding.You are truly inspirational, and your video is the best movie we have seen all year. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us.

  9. Well Mr. Williams,
    This is my second time watching this video.
    I'm pretty sure it will not be my last as, I have now declared it my favorite video on YouTube.
    Once again, thank you for sharing.
    The Turkey Patriot 🦃

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