Hawaii begins to plan vaccine roll out for younger children

Hawaii begins to plan vaccine roll out for younger children

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  1. So do something about it. Stand up for the rights you have left. Next taken away will be parental rights. They will come after parents who refuse to let their kids get the 💉. Trials are underway for 6 month old babies right now. They take from you little by little because they know you wouldn't willingly give it all up at once. It's like boiling crab, throw em hot water and they jump back out, but if you slowly heat the water while they're in it, they don't realize what's happening until it's too late. You a crab right now fool! And the water getting hot

  2. Stupid smh, they're are no long term studies on the effects of these things. If your willing to let your child be a guinea pig, that's on you. Did no one look in to the kids that were given the shots on accident? Both kids have heart problems now. That was less than a month ago.

  3. Dr. Robert Malone inventor of the MRNA tech said children have a six times more RISK taking the vaccine than they have just getting COVID and recovering. Children should not be getting the vaccine!!

  4. People willing to use their children as shields for the unhealthy and the elderly? How scared, sad and weak are people? There is very little risk to this age group with known risks of vaccination as stated in this video. FDA admits risks outweigh the benefits for men under 40 but we are pushing it on 5 year olds? Time to leave public school.

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