Hawaii Braces For 'Catastrophic Flooding' From Kona Storm

Emergency shelters have been opened and some schools were closed Monday as a severe storm system battered Hawaii, with the National Weather Service issuing a flood watch through Tuesday for all islands and warning of the potential for “catastrophic flooding.”

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  1. Yes, I would like to offer my "thoughts and prayers." They don't do anything, but they seem to generate a lot of likes for the people who say it. So once again, "thoughts and prayers."

  2. Perhaps we should start paying homeless people to "lobby" our politicians on behalf of we the people. If we could get a small crowd to follow each of them around screaming insults while videotaping, we might see some meaningful change. Anyone want to start a Go Fund Me?

  3. Been listening to this media hype for over 40 years living in Florida. My certain death has been predicted by national panic media many times. I'm still here.

  4. Heavenly Father I pray you will watch over the people and animals there ,please keep them all safe and let this storm pass quickly with no harm ..I ask this in the name of your precious son Jesus …AMEN

  5. The word "Catastrophic" is one of those words that should be used after an event has happened. It's being used here to promote fear into peoples minds in an effort to force control into the population. Major is a better word. And in the end it was just another storm on an island surrounded by water.

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  7. I see hawaii did something the world elite disagreed with. Notice how eqch time a president of a country disagrees with certain policies their countries leqder dies or the country itself suffers unnatural weather

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