Hawaii health officials link COVID cluster to food service industry

According to the health department’s latest cluster report, officials are seeing a number of cases linked to the food service industry.

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  1. How come Genki Sushi got called out for their Hepatitis outbreak. They shut down and sanitized their remaining restaurants until they were approved by DOH….but they're not gonna tell us where these large outbreaks of covid are that are making people horribly sick. That's messed up.

  2. The clustered coronavirus mixed with herpes all over the governor's mouth check out the stats on how much people got coronavirus and how much people died from coronavirus in Hawaii to me that's great odds

  3. So polical. How coincidentally convenient to report these "restaurant clusters " on the cusp of implementing the vaccine requirements for these exact types of businesses. Tricky Ricky trynna make the sheep fall deeper under his trance.

  4. Low vaccination rate among food service workers? That is unacceptable. No vaccinations, no jobs for people in the service industry, employers need to say show me your shot record or you’re fired.

  5. Idk why us natives get so much restrictions but tourists can do what they like. people forget already this our Aina!!!! If us native Hawaiians gotta get vaccinated all tourists should be vaccinated if they like come to Hawaii

  6. It's only obvious majority of fully vaccinated people being hospitalized by breakthrough cases. CDC previously said before it's the vaccinated can spread it to the unvaccinated. These guy wanted the employees to get vaccinated…so what….before any cheap excuses you should know even a damn five year old can figure that one out who the clusters came from

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