Hawaii mothers react to potential end of Roe v. Wade

As protesters hit the street in New York, Wisconsin, Missouri, and other places on this mother’s day, the politics of abortion is rising up. The recent revelation of the Supreme Court considering overturning Roe vs Wade, is also lingering in minds of those enjoying Mother’s Day on Hawaiian beaches.



  1. I am astonished at the stupidity of anyone calling themselves "Democrat" Their elected officials have had 49 YEARS to codify Roe. 49 YEARS And don't even try to blame "obstructionist Republicans". There have been too many opportunities where Democrats controlled both houses AND the White House and STILL did nothing. You can be upset with Republicans with their "Pro Life" stance but your REAL anger should be directed at your own party who just ignored you.

  2. Progressives in Congress are attempting to codify Roe v Wade into federal law. It's a sad attempt to pressure the SCOTUS and doesn't address the core legal issue, the U. S. government has no Constitutional authority to legalize abortion nationally. IF there is a Constitutional role for the government, it is clearly to protect unborn children, otherwise, the issue is to be left to the states and to the citizens.

    IRONICALLY, if they lf progressives left things alone, many states would have radical abortion laws allowing the murder of near term and even post term abortions.

    Big surprise though for anyone not paying attention… Abortion isn't really the issue progressives in Congress are worried about.

    The main reason progressives in congress want Roe v Wade and associated rulings to stand is that it set a precedent. The precedence has allowed the executive and legislative branches to grab un-Constitutional powers far beyond the abortion issue.

    This current codification attempt will likely fail, but that is also not the point. Codification could be over-turned on Constitutional issues. The codification attempt is intended to sway positions at the SCOTUS and give thier 'murder babies' position the air of legitimacy.

    If Roe v Wade falls it will call most progressive over reach since the early 70s into question. This ruling will affect many key executive and legislative power grabs beyond abortion and that is why they are panicking.

    If Roe v Wade falls our Constitutional Republic,and states rights gain strength. Progressives are willing to literally go to war to maintain centralize and un-Constitutional power in Washington D. C. .

  3. Abortion is wrong, a sin It hurts the heart of God and we are accountable. He changed my thinking about it. A murder of a woman and her unborn baby is two murders. How can abortion therefore be legal?

  4. I want to remind you all that jury nullification exists regardless of what the judge tells you. As a jury member you are under no legal obligation to find somebody guilty even if you believe they are. If you beleive the "crime" they comitted should not be a crime it is within your power as a memmber of the jury to render a "not guilty" vote. Just don't talk about jury nullfication to anybody else on the jury, as you can be removed from the jury if the judge finds out you believe in it.

    So, if you ever find yourself on a jury regarding a woman being prosecuted for an abortion or any other such healthcare related need, vote NOT GUILTY.

  5. Blame the old, white Feminists for this. They planted a flag of freedom on top of a mountain of dead babies; they killed born alive babies from botched abortions; they shouted their abortions and bragged about them. While they kept their own babies they encouraged poor and black woman to kill theirs. Monsters hiding behind a false mask of perverted freedom. This evil can't end quick enough.

  6. During the first trimester the fetus is no bigger than a gummy bear and since most abortions happen at that stage there is no dismemberment, it's just a heavy flow period. If you think that's murder, then go pray for me. I don't care

  7. If a man plants a seed in my garden and I, a woman, dig it up 6 weeks later, are you saying I cut down a tree? Because prolifers are saying that "yes I cut down a tree."

  8. I just saw that some msnbc "political analyst" (figures)says that overturning roe v wade will not only hurt women but anyone with a uterus. Oh, the brilliance of the left!
    I mean seriously, a man pretending to be a woman with a uterus can still pretend to get pregnant and have a pretend abortion, right? What's the problem then?

  9. What we need to do is encourage abstinence. We live in a culture run by a certain group that pushes, pornography, drug use, promiscuity and other such immoral behaviors. I wonder what the goals of that group are?

  10. All about the $. Dems had a 72 day supermajority in 2009 and could have put this to bed. They could’ve even included it in the ACA.

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