Hawaii Wisconsin 1986

Classic moments from Hawaii’s first ever win over a Big Ten conference team, with the excitement of a come from behind victory in the final minutes of the game, and the always entertaining play by play of Jim Leahy and Rick Blangiardi.



  1. LOL, that is the ONLY time Hawaii has ever beaten Wisconsin in 7 meetings. Wisconsin has blown out Hawaii the last 6 times. Hawaii CANT hang with Big Ten teams. Iowa beat Hawaii 53-10 in 1991, Michigan State beat Hawaii 33-13 on Christmas day 1989. Michigan beat Hawaii 48-17 in 1998 and again 63-3. The only team Hawaii has beaten was Illinois in 1992 in the Holiday bowl 27-17.

  2. I was at this game with my cousin. I distinctly remember that if UH had won, you would get free chicken tenders from Burger King from the back of your ticket stub. We were high schoolers so the free food was paramount in our minds! I remembered we kept yelling “ we want chicken tenders”. Oh, the game was good, too. ;-p

  3. Whatever became of this UH team? Does KHNL/K5 have game in their archives? And if so, can they SHARE it w/ALL the rest of the Rainbow Warrior fans/alums….PLEEEASE?!

  4. The Hawaii play by play guys have always been very good, I remember watching Hawaii football late Sunday night in San Francisco back in the 80's, they would replay the entire game and it was always a treat to see these games….

  5. back when Hawaii crowds were loud man I wish we was still like that but its gotten slowly quiet over hte years well we have our moments like the navy game but I wish our crowds stayed like it did at the 80's or like in 07. How I love watching these old videos Go Bow's Warrior Nation.

  6. I can watched this video a thousand times and still get excited Jim Leahy is the greatest just hearing his voice gets you all pumped thanks for posting this video i swear i get teary eyed when i watch U.H. this is when Hawaii boys would stay home insted of going off Al Noga,Ma'a Tanuvasa,Junior Tangoai,David Maeva.Dan Ahuna,Garret Gabriel turning down BYU

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