Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant assaulted by unruly passenger

Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant assaulted by unruly passenger

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  1. Mental condition.
    And there's a huge spike in ASPD's.
    We all need to sort our countries and their respective cultures out. Or this is going to keep increasing

  2. that dude shd b presented with a bill that includes all the extra GAS the plane used to fly BACK to the airport AND start doing the re route AGAIN!! and put on the no fly list of course

  3. Agreed, more and more people have a disregard for authority: teachers, law enforcement, flight attendants. Malicious Compliance: Because this is an FAA, these will be FEDERAL Charges, assault, flight disruption, and LIFETIME no flight ban

  4. This is past ridiculous! I travel a lot and this is on my list of fears. I can careless if this is the first time or fifth time the person got in trouble with the law. When these types of crimes are committed on a plan it out the lives of all those flying at risk. He needs to be incarcerated until his court date, serve the maximum time, added to the no-fly list, pay the airline for gas charges for turning the plane around and pay the airline attendant medical bill plus restitution.

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