Hawaiian Hotel Safety Failures

I thought I wouldn’t find much… I was wrong!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

0:00 Start the Travel
2:48 Checking the Smoke Detector
4:21 Searching for Fuse Panel
5:37 Checking the Fuse Panel and Power Line
7:29 Checking the Power Outlet
9:30 Testing the GFCI Outlets
13:14 Summary of Failures
14:52 Keysight Innovation Challenge 2022



  1. You can only get as many females in STEM as want to go into STEM and you can only convince those that are drawn to those fields. You know what they say about assumptions? They make an ass out of you and me. People need to stop assuming women want to be in STEM as much as men, or that discrimination is the reason they don't want to be in STEM.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but STEM fields are not as attractive to women, because other things are much more attractive to women. We can never reach 50/50 representation. End of discussion. It's impossible. Freedom makes it so. If we have the freedom to choose, outcomes will always be different.

  2. Electrican here the smoke detector with a red blinking light means there is no AC power to the unit it should have a green light given that the unit it over 30 years old it wouldn’t be working, it’s blinking because of the 9 volt battery that is connected to the smoke detector

  3. Also you shouldn't go disassembling other people's property (like opening their breaker panel) just to test stuff. You are lucky that the manager didn't find out about your activities. You would have been kicked out of the place real fast if the manager knew about it.

  4. Why didn't you just buy an outlet tester. Some of these have a GFCI tester built in. The problem with your potentiometer is that it's not reated for a lot of watts. At 10kohms your potentiometer will draw only 12mA, but it will be disipating just under 1.5 watts of power. A typical potentiometer will have a rating of between a quarter watt and a half watt. So yes, it was getting WAY too hot. You should have checked the power rating on your potentiometer before using it this way.

  5. Dude!! I work at Gentex!!! The smoke detector is a really REALLY old one that uses electrochromic technology to "see" the smoke. It's really cool technology and is the same technology that makes your auto dimming Sideview and rear view mirrors work 😀

  6. یعنی مهدی اون سازمان بدبختی که به تو هتل داده اگر این فیلم روببینه ، با اینترپل میاد سراغت با این کارایی که تو کردی توی هتل 😂😂😂

  7. Nice. You were on my island and didn't look me up. I forgive you. But I could have warned you about local electricians. I never saw a house here built to code yet.

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