HAWAIIAN MUSIC ~Soul of Hawaii ★ Steel Guitar ★ [Instrumental]

00:00 – Soul of Hawaii-SIDE1
14:06 – Blue Hawaii
16:58 – Pearly Shells
19:49 – Lovely Hula Hands
22:12 – Hawaiian Paradise
25:07 – Kaimana Hila
27:22 – Sweet Leilani
29:25 – I’ll Remember You
32:15 – Beyond The Reef
34:50 – Mekanani Kaupo
37:15 – Hawaiian War Chant
39:47 – Tiny Bubbles
42:08 – Lahainaluna
44:36 – Sophisticated Hula
47:12 – Hawaiian Wedding Song
50:00 – Aloha Oe
52:06 – Soul of Hawaii-SIDE2
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  1. I was exposed to Hawaiian "vacation music" in the 60's growing up. My dad served time in the Pacific during WWII as well as my best friend's dad and the music was always on. I had an older brother who was into SoCal surf music, and later in my life discovered Hawaiian slack key guitar music. All this brings back memories of Hawaiian vacations past. God bless our dad's for cultural exposure, thanks for posting this music uninterrupted.

  2. Modern update: add about 1000 people to the beach, some road noise, and triple the scale of hotel development. There – that's about Waikiki. Music is great, though 🙂

  3. My name is Squidward Q. Tentacles. I live in an average house in the swell town of bikini bottom. I work an average job slaving away for the man at the Krusty crab where health standards seem to not exist. When I’m not dreading my existence at work I enjoy playing my clarinet. Maybe a nice bathe or painting what could be a masterpiece. I try to be in bed around 9:30 but that tends to never go my way as I have a troublesome neighbor who also has a troublesome friend. Often times I wonder what is life outside of bikini bottom. Why must a tentacle person like myself settle for the life of miserable dread at the hands of unhappiness. Will their ever be bliss to this never ending “ Shark tale” or will I continue a simple life of dry eyes turned glossy from misery. I guess that’s just life down here. I guess that’s just life just life in bikini bottom🐙

  4. why do i think of an post- apocalyptic world with an old radio playing this song while driving a fucked up rusty muscle car somewhere in Nevada ?

  5. The first thing I do after leaving the Airport heading to Waikiki is to find a local channel playing traditional Island music and it doesn't go off until I'm back at the airport leaving. Planning a 2022 visit to my old stomping ground of Waikiki, with Hawaiian shirts, beach towels, local food, hiking down to Queens beach, back up to diamond head and eating pupas at Duke Kahanamokos. All you freaks with Led Zepellin T shirts stay out of my way, I'm Waikiki Hawaiiane culture all the way for a week and it must be saved. Don Ho you are missed. Coconut hats, surfboards, sand, flower leis, suntan lotion, luau, hula girls, plate lunch all da kine. Bring it on! Retro Waikiki now!

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  7. Thank you for hosting me and 1500 more g is for three wonderful days in Jan. 1964 on our way to the shit hole nam! I wanted to stay longer but m ps no way since than l went back 4 times loved it!!!

  8. these are just great for feeling that ALOHA SPIRIT,i thank you from the bottom of my heart truly…i miss that stuff…….feeling……thanks again for the music!!!!universal love to you!

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