Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano – Behind the News

There have been some pretty amazing pictures from the island of Hawaii. A volcano there, named Kilauea, has been erupting and spewing out rivers of lava which have destroyed homes and cars. It’s pretty scary stuff from a distance, so imagine what it’s like for the people who live there. We caught up with some Hawaiian locals and found out more about their fiery mountain.

TEACHER RESOURCES (yr 5,6 Science | yr 8 Geography)
“Students will investigate the causes of volcanoes and their impact on people and the environment.”




  1. My grandma was telling me that if fissures connected around Kïlauea, it would collapse the part of Kïlauea and cause s huge tsunami, and I live right next to the volcano.

  2. When I was in Hawaii my dad and his friend and I were pig hunting and we’re were on a papaya field and the next day this volcano erupted and now its covered in lava

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