How Hawaii Was Stolen by the US | ENDEVR Documentary

How Hawaii Was Stolen by the US | Stolen Paradise | ENDEVR Investigative Documentary

Profit, Pollution and Deception: USA’s Largest Oil Spil:

Hawaii was a recognized independent nation prior to January 17, 1893. On that day, the nation and government was illegally overthrown by the United States. Since then, the USA has illegally assumed control over Hawaii, turning the islands into Military Bases that threaten world peace. The United States claims that Hawaii was lawfully annexed as the 50th State. But in fact, the United States government signed a Joint Resolution of the Congress in 1993 that “acknowledges that the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii occurred with the active participation of agents and citizens of the United States and further acknowledges that the Native Hawaiian people never directly relinquished to the United States their claims to their inherent sovereignty as a people over their national lands, either through the Kingdom of Hawaii or through a plebiscite or referendum”
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  1. How can anyone “steal” something that cannot be owned? You didn’t and won’t ever have the power to create land, so why do you think you own it and the rest of the world population should avoid it? You ran the animals off that were there before you. This ball we live on is finite in size, but the population on it isn’t. Just like everyone else, you own/owned nothing!

  2. The British dominated the Hawaiian Islands before the USA. If the USA had not taken over the Hawaiian Islands, Japan most certainly would have as they were already maneuvering to do so. Had Japan taken the Hawaiian Islands, the Pearl Harbor attack would have taken place on the USA's west coast; San Diego specifically up to and including at least Los Angeles. Sadly for those native to Hawaii, the Islands were and still are a strong and strategic location for a nations' navy. Thus, why so many nations wanted the Hawaiian Islands.

  3. The annexation of Texas started with some settlers from the US, allowed by Mexico. Big mistake, Texas was stolen, along with California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. That is called imperialism.

  4. imagine the number of stories like this, except there is no one to tell it. this happened a lot during the rise of the british. once they arrived, and had assessed the natives, they made relations with those they could manage, manipulate, bribe, or otherwise subvert to their given mission, which was to develop trade. so they british, along with the dutch and spanish, set upon the world to divide it up, but to have the lesser groups take care of a lot of the genocide they were faced with, and used the subordinate groups in parallel tribal proxy wars.

  5. The Hawaiian's desire is fair, but the islands are way to strategic to be left alone, and the islands will never support a population large enough to hold off superpowers. Outside occupation is a curse Hawaiian's will always have to deal with.

  6. I sure hope there is nothing valuable under that volcanic land, because if there is, those white folks will claim it for themselves for sure! Keep whatever you discover amongst yourselves…tell none of them!

  7. As an American Man , The U.S. Government needs to make this right . No matter who you are , you have no right to just take some ones property . this is stealing and IS a Sin !

  8. Same tactics that was used to get American Indian lands . Hawaii deserves to be reinstated as their own country . The more I learn about what the US had done to other country's, the more unsettled I get !

  9. OH Yes….Let’s turn over the Hawaiians to the North Koreans who very recently threatened to blown up Hawaii’s U. S. Military bases with Nuclear Weapons, Oh Yeah. But let’s not ever cover those FACTS in any documentary or explain exactly what would have happened to the Hawaiians if there had been no United States Military presence in Hawaii during World War 2. And the WW 2 ATROCITIES of the Japanese Military against the Chinese are extremely well-documented. Would a Hawaii-conquering Japanese military treated the Hawaiians any different?? (But if you’re a victim of the liberal and failing public schools of the U.S. you’ll never be taught these truths.) AND We are so sure the Hawaiians are all anxious to move to Communist countries, in mass. They are doing that every day of the year…. Sure they are. Let’s ask them if they understand these FACTS.

  10. Victory to the Local Government of Hawaii, Long live the people of Hawaii, Aluta Continua (the struggle continues) even if it takes a life time.

  11. don't have to go as far as Hawaii, right here in the U.S., most of the land was taken by force from the Native Americans, and some from Mexico. So don't make such a fuss now of Russia.

  12. To judge somebody from history to todays standards is false equivalency. Everyone has been conquered, fd over, taken advantage of. Some wrongs cant and will never be righted. Life isn't fair and can be taken from us at anytime. God bless America and Hawaii.

  13. Hawaiians were always voyagers of the seas.

    Now many of them live in Nevada and Arizona, which are deserts – a sea of sand on land.

    There are pros and cons to being American. The annexation vote included non natives which was unjust along with the series of events that lead to it. If given another vote with just native Hawaiians – what blood % would be the cut off? What would Hawaiians do with sovereignty? Join the global economy like Americans or be isolationists? Hawaiians were never isolationists and Americans are globalists – literally the world police. What would change if Hawaii was to become a country? Rule by decree instead of vote? Kick out the foreigners? Constitutional Monarchy like the UK? Have a constitution and bill of rights like America?

    We are so connected to each other on the islands – a break up would be sad.

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