How the US Stole Hawaii

How a group of Jesus-loving sugar warriors took over an island nation.
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Noenoe Silva Has dedicated her life’s work to being a Hawaiian historian and activist, as a professor at the University of Hawaii, she was instrumental in the creation of this video. Check out her book, Aloha Betrayed, focused on the erased history of the native Hawaiians.

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Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist. He currently is based in Washington, DC, reporting on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe. Johnny’s visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways. He holds a BA in international relations from Brigham Young University and an MA in international peace and conflict resolution from American University.

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  1. Inaccurate in nearly all points. Indication of just how bad public education has become
    Hawaii waa a Kingdom for about 100 years. Its monarcy had become corrupt.
    1848. Great Mahele split land title basically 3 ways. King's land. Government land. Alihi tracts and 18,000 Native Hawaiians received 3Acre plots.
    In 1856 Queen Emma sued to gain personal title of Kings lands. This rejected by the Kingdom's Court. It became government land.
    About 70% of Hawaiian royalty land, Alihi, incorporated into plantation use was done voluntarily. Sold, or by marraige. Similar with the18, 000 3 acre plots. Many sold, or lost due to failure to pay taxes, or debt incurred by the owner.
    In 1886 King Kalakalua had run the Kingdom into severe debt. The King attempted to address this issue by enacting policies that ran afowl of just governance. By force this King signed a constitution assuring property and democratic rights This King defeated militarily with no outside interference.
    1893. Queen Liliuokalani announces a new constitution returning all power to her. Dole led a second revolt with his Honolulu Rifles, on Jan 17 1893. About 450 armed men. They seized the seat of government and all the Queen's arms. A number of gatling guns, half a dozen cannon, repeaters. Queen's forces were largely disarmed. USS Boston lands 24 marines and 120 able bodies seamen. They play no role and land up guarding diplomatic residences in Honolulu.
    Queen Liliuokalani surrenders to the US. A lie on advice of Wilcox
    A Provisional Government is declared and recognized De Faco by all diplomats in Honolulu.
    Consider. All who led thos revolution were citizens of the Kingdom. About 80 Native Hawaiians in the Rifles.
    Wilcox goes to work.
    Democrat Senator Blount holds hearings in which there is no cross examination of witnesses, all of whom associated with the Queen
    Blounts report is subsequently rejected as unreliable by the Senate.
    Senator Morgan issues a report based on rules of evidence. This report upholds Dole's account.
    Democrats and the State Department work with Liliuokalani and Wilcox to arm her supporters. Through State and Customs weapons are shipped through San Francisco to a beach below Diamond Head. It is intercepted by Dole's militia. Wilcox and the Queen are arrested. Queen abdicates.
    July 1894 based on election of 18 delegates, applying voter law existing in New York at the time,. Half of these delegates are Native Hawaiian, whole or in part. Most born in the Kingdom.
    These delegates vote unanimously for Annexation to the United States and that all become US citizens at this time.
    Liliuokalani receives a pension and right to reside in the Palace.
    Liliuokalani releases a letter relinquishing all claims to Hawaii and expresses her opinion joining the USA is the best for her people.
    The Republic of Hawaii is declared. The Republic receives DeJure, full diplomatic recognition from nations in the Pacific, England, Europe, India, Brazil, and others. 90% of the world's population…
    Hawaii in annexed on July 4th 1898.
    There are no native Hawaiian reserves in Hawaii by reason their elected reps made them citizens.
    The US Federal government owns about 2.5% of land in Hawaii. 80% of it National Parks.
    State of Hawaii has full jurisdiction of land use. Even the EPA can be overruled here
    State of Hawaii has full jurisdiction of Ocean out to 3 miles.
    Hawaii is very unique amongst US States.
    Land was not stolen. Its use set in motion by the Great Mahele, not Washington. Government and private ownership pattern of 1892 under chain of custody through today. Sanford Dole stopped a dictatorship based on race. (Liliuokalani only demanding native Hawaiians able to vote, she able to veto any result of a vote 'at her pleasure').
    This is the short version. Basing history on a partisan Blount report a huge error. Hawaii was not stolen by America. If anything America's government armed the Queen to prevent it, January 1894…

  2. Funny how he paints 3rd generation hawaiin americans as only being loyal to the USA. I wonder what he thinks of 3rd generation Syrians, Iraqi's and Afghanis living in the US?

  3. Hawaiian and Leftist Mindset:

    Kamehameha conquers islands through bloody warfare and human sacrifice, then takes away rights of Hawaiians = rightfully unified Hawaiian islands, let’s build statues of him everywhere

    US annexes Hawaii without firing a shot = illegal and a billion times more evil than Kamehameha

  4. I keep telling people that, they send Missionary's first to preach and while there at it they slowly remove there beliefs and culture then there language after there done with that, comes the merchant's to show the look you can have this if you give your land if that doesn't work then comes there Military then it's a done deal, take over's always start with missionary's they remove the beliefs and culture and language, then the rest goes into the history books, what most people don't know is Hawaii is a Occupied Nation, as long as the US Military has a presence in the Kingdom of Hawaii it's a Occupied Nation annexation is a forced take over using a military to force the annexation, all this could have been avoided if President Grover Cleveland was re-elected as the US President he new America was in the wrong.

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