I live in a tent in Hawaii?! // casual tent tour // pt. 2 of 2

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  1. I’m so happy to share my little ohana with you all 🤗 thank you to everyone who has watched me for an ENTIRE YEAR of consistent videos… 1 to 7 videos a week! Thank you for giving me some time to focus on other things but know that I WILL GENUINELY MISS THE CRAP OUT OF ALL OF YOU while I’m away. Follow me on my other social media’s and HIT THE BELL BUTTON so you see when I am back from break. In the meantime, stay positive! ✌🏼 😘

  2. i know this video is kind of old but ive been searching for a tent site JUST LIKE THIS anywhere in Hawaii for the last 2-3 years and cant seem to find one. Can you direct me to the right place? Thanks!

  3. Aloha! Thank you for the awesome video it was really cool and insightful. I'm actually moving to a family friends property in Kauai in a few months and will be living in a tent as well so I am JUST beginning this type of lifestyle. Do you have any tips, tent recommendations, rain solutions etc? I would greatly appreciate it!

  4. I want to be your neighbor if this world gets more crazier I will quit my milk man job in Minnesota get my cat all my skydiving gear and a plane ticket and will buy myself a motor bike!! LOL

  5. Im making a spontaneous move this dec31 to Honolulu hoping to live an easy-going and adventure life like urs.. do u think its suitable for me n my lil girl? Or idk.. advice?

  6. The hurricane is coming you cannot stay in a tent this is crazy get off of the Big Island while you can you are in danger the hurricane is coming before the hurricane it was the volcano read the writing on the wall please get out of the Big Island stay safe

  7. I was like "woof'ing?" then I realized my stepbro hires woof'ers for his organic farm and hooks them up. Looks like you've got life figured out 🙂 Enjoy.

  8. Hi good to see you again! I missed you. Your place looks so cozy but what happens when it pours out there. Hope you are doing well, so gelato see you again . Take Care.

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