im in Hawaii and idk when im leaving…

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so here we have it…. one of the most vulnerable videos ive ever filmed. This makes me so anxious to talk about and be so real but there is so much power in being vulnerable. I am okay and even since filming this over two weeks ago I already feel soooo much better than I did on this day lol. Time heals and letting yourself feel what you feel while also remaining strong is so important. I will not be discussing anything petty or dramatic at all at any time so lets keep the comments positive to help as I move forward in my life and remain classy online because that is very important to me always. love u all.

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  1. i’m 28 years old but i love watching your videos because i wish i was able to be this self aware and growth oriented at your age and i’m so inspired by your maturity and reassured by your honesty with your audience! wishing you the best! xo

  2. It’s been a week since my boyfriend passed away and this is a heartache I pray no one ever has to know. I’m only 27 and I thought we had the rest of our lives together and now he’s just nowhere. Idk. pls know Im feeling your pain with you. This is the hardest season of my life, and not how I thought my new year would pan out either. I hope I can heal too

  3. Ellie we all love you. It is not your fault because you are unaware but Hawaiian locals are fighting and begging for us to not visit the islands. They don’t have freshwater because the water was re-routed to tourist areas and many are being priced out of their homes and having to live in their cars. There are more issues that I won’t get into. Please either take this down so as not to encourage more visits or use your platform to spread awareness/help shift change. I’m sure someone with a large platform such as yours could make a difference <3

  4. Make sure your affairs are in order. Call out to Jesus to be your Savior, and when you do sin, ask His forgiveness, and it will be granted as stated in 1 John 1:8-10. You must know that His gift totally paid our way, and He will leave no one behind who is part of His flock. (John 10)
    He will force no one, but will accept all who call on Him to be saved. Right now would not be too early to call on Him. He is listening.

  5. You should already proud for today. I am always so impressed when I hear you express your thoughts and the way you feel. You seem very mature for your age. Getting to this level of retrospection is something that some people never manage to do in their lives. Kudos to you Ellie!

  6. Please take this as a compliment and not terribly creepy… but

    If you were to sell your friendship, I would give my life savings for a meal and beach walk

  7. omg ellie i literally relate to this so much. I'm experiencing the same feelings i feel like we're the same person. thank you for making this vid sharing ur feelings with us

  8. I really really really relate to this. currently feeling like im in such a rut and depression at college rn and u saying that u need to heal yourself and find yourself and surround yourself with people you love is something i really needed to hear. thank you. in this together ❤️

  9. everything happens for a reason & always remember that!! You are so loved and have such a special character ♥️♥️ You continuously help people everyday and we all appreciate you so much. YOU GOT THIS

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