I'm Starting a BUSINESS in HAWAII! (and WE ATE ALL DAY)

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I’m Starting a BUSINESS in HAWAII! (and WE ATE ALL DAY) mcdonalds hawaii, poke, sashimi, kalua pork, stew, so much eating. Also here are the clues for my business what do you guys think is happening?



  1. Daaang Joe… The last part of your vlog was pretty inspiring.. Lil jealous, we're all living bi-curiosly thru you… I really hope everthing works out for you… I Wana all see you vlogging 10 yrs from now.. Having all those homes in all those countries… Rooting for ya!

  2. Whatever you do, I wish you and David nothing but the best success. As with most people here have said, I hope what ever you invest in, that your main target and push for economic growth is with the local people. Sending you all the positive vibes ❤

  3. Hey Joe, I bought courses dating back to 2018. I never even looked at the Money Master's stuff and I tried last night but can't access the content. I used to listen to the 30 Days to Freedom but the Dropbox links don't work. I need that in my life. I was thinking about the Bellagio story so I was relating as I was at the fountains. 🤷‍♀️

  4. Joe – He seems like a smart and logical guy (most of the time) I have no idea really, since I just found this channel about a month ago. If this is true, it would make total sense if he sold those mushroom kits here, since you can't send them here from the mainland ( I tried to buy one ) – would probably do well here… lots of mushroom-eating people here (and health food freaks), low competition, and people looking to start growing their own food because the food prices are getting ridiculous….

  5. Aloha Joe, as you mentioned earlier, if you want to have something for locals, don't put it in Waikiki. If you want it for tourists then sure. You might want to try put it in downtown/chinatown, if you want both locals and tourists. Ala Moana or Ward Center could also work for both. If you put it outside of Honolulu you will not get as much traffic. Just my 2c. Mahalo

  6. If you open in waiks your customer base will be heavily reliant on tourists. Pearl Ridge is good, mostly locals, not much tourists though. Make sure there is parking, it'll make a big difference. We need more agriculture and we have some of the best soil in the world, it's all volcanic. Good luck with everything! 🤙

  7. Depending on what buisness u do depends on where u wanna go. yes please use local companies and employment. im born and raised here in hawaii and im a nisei. Has the prices shocked u tho? thats the killer in hawaii on why alot of buisnesses dont survive here. rent is rediculous . supplies and everything cost so much because everything has to be shipped here. The main thing is that make alot of local connections. that will help you. If you can get past everything being expensive here and keeping the customers comming after the initial opening and hype then you can do well.

  8. 🐛 keep aware of the Hawaiian centipedes when you on the farmland. Even the townie ones that live in the rock walls at the University of Hawaii (Art building area) grow pretty huge! 😖

  9. You a mudda real one Joe. Thanks man aye! You should check a video on this youtube called A.T.E., the most recent video show cases a fourth generation Japanese American grand daughter. Her grand father bought 40 acres of land 3 years after leaving the internment camps. I also have a friend who’s 3rd generation Japanese American who’s family was one of many that were sent to internment camps. Thought you might find this interesting.

  10. Omg I’m excited to find out what you guys are opening up here!! Open up a shop in Kapolei 😁👍🏽 You guys went to the spot that my bf and I go fishing at 👌🏽

  11. God damn Joe jitsukawa you sure do like to go to Hawaii a lot and you like to spend your sweet ass time there and enjoy yourself hey if that's what you like to do that's your business and I respect that but I overheard you talking about running a business I think that's a good idea and that sounds like a real promise and yes I overheard you talking about you been on YouTube for over 15 years and yes I'm not going to lie to you I did subscribe to your other YouTube channels that just kidding films that just kidding news and it just kidding party I did subscribe to your other channels so I can give you support and I'm being nice to you about it and I remember the first time I found out about your YouTube videos it all started on Christmas night 2011 I saw you make a video and you talked about Kim Jong il the Communist dictator of North Korea who died and I remember you did say it's time to celebrate I'm glad Kim jong il is dead and I remember you made fun of his son Kim jong-un and you did call him the Pillsbury doughboy I got a name for him tubby mcfadass that big fat pig and he is one dumb ugly ass mother fucker

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