Jack’s Morning Routine in Hawaii! A Day in the Life of Jack Skye

Jack’s Morning Routine in Hawaii! A Day in the Life of Jack Skye. Watch Jack Skye as he lives a Day in his Life living in Hawaii! Jack loves to surf, ride his one wheel, do homework, workout, brush his teeth, and have fun at the playground! Do you love to do sports and go surfing and live the beach life? Join Jack on his fun adventure during his everyday morning routine!

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I Saw The World Fire Knife Championship Competition! Jack Skye

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Jack Skye:
Hi guys! My name is Jack Skye! I’m part of the Fun Squad on YouTube, but I also have my own channel here! On my channel I get to do things I’m excited about like ninja warrior competitions, tricks, flips and tumbling, scootering, Minecraft, video games, playing with cool toys, making music, sports, playing games, jokes, and fun skits. I’m excited to do epic and funny videos for kids, but especially for boys! I have a twin brother named Jazzy! Kade, Kalia, and Kyler are my other siblings in my family. My parents help me and monitor my channel. Welcome to my awesome YouTube channel!

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