JENNY'S DREAM COME TRUE!! Family Swims with Sea Turtles in Hawaii and we feed our new Pet Horses!

welcome to a BEST DAY EVER Morning Musical 🎶🎵🎶


Best Dream Vacation Day Ever 1264

Welcome to another day on the beach with the family! We are starting the morning off right with some music. Adley has made a few musical instruments and we asked people to sign up so that we can make a band. After everyone has singed up, and we have our pretend play instruments in hand, we start making music. Adley starts off singing before passing it on to me, and then I pass it to Jenny and Baby Navey to finish. Navey discovered that my instrument is full of candy so she opens it up and has a quick snack lol. Now that we have practiced being a band we all follow Adley outside to the back yard where we march around and play music.

When we were driving around the other day, Niko found some horses, so we want to go feed them, but before we leave, chef Adley has made a dessert for everyone. Watermelon and Pretzels arranged to look like red hot Hawaii fire or lava. It’s way good and so creative! We load up the car, get some apples and carrots and head off to see the animals. We get there and Niko sees some baby chickens roaming around. Its so cute how much the kiddos love animals! After calling to them, the horses and a little pony come walking over. Niko feeds the carrots, Adley feeds them apples, and Navey pets them. I love it!

Back at our Hawaii house, we decide to spend some time on the beach. The kiddos are playing in the sand with our friends, so Jenny and I decide to go snorkeling. After swimming around and looking at fish, Adley joins us. We see coral and sea shells, color full fish and fish that are camouflaged. While we are swimming out of no where comes a sea turtle!! It is so cool. We don’t want to disturb it, so we stay a little way away, but also swim with it for a few minutes. Its a dream come true for Jenny and Adley!!

After swimming and our lunch routine, we head into the backyard again to do some coconut hunting. We want to try and crack one open to see whats inside and if we can get any wild coconut milk. The first one we find is super hard to open but once we do we find its not good. We ask our neighbors if we could get a coconut out of their yard and this one is much better, and actually ripe. We get it open pretty quick and break into the coconut. I wonder if its going to be good?

We end the night back on the beach hunting for crabs. We see to many tiny ones, a few big ones, and even a jelly fish! I love it here!!

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