Kaka'ako Farmers Market Walking Tour | Oahu Hawaii

Kaka’ako Farmers Market Walking Tour is the biggest farmers market. It once was KCC. That has all change. Join us as we take you on this farmers market walking tour with food, fruits, clothing and everything in between. Mahalo #Kaka’ako #farmersmarket



  1. Also some vendors you not touch produce or items unless you purchase to avoid contamination. Best not to be out unless its a necessity to shop or buy supplies.

  2. Yes, please wear your masks everywhere you go on the island in public. Covid is on the rise due to the new strain. Visitors and travellers local and mainlanders no doubt brought it to oahu. Those not yet vaccinated are at high risk, so please get vaccinated and be safe everyone!

  3. Love the markets for great food missing Hawaii from lockdown Australia 🇦🇺 thanks for sharing 👍🏻 and the tip love it your channel is very helpful 🌺🌴👍🏻🧡 Mahalo

  4. Thank you for saying the prices! We will be there in November and it helps me to budget! I'd love a video of the best places for fresh produce by price for a big family. We will have a kitchen and I will be cooking for our family of 5 while we are there! Next time could you show the prices of the food trucks?

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