Katy Perry // Harleys In Hawaii (Edit Audio)Tiktok Ver.

Anime : Terror in resonance
#editaudio #terrorinresonance #anime



  1. I saw 5sec of this clip (where they focus on that girl's face form side) on internet. Almost for a year i was trying to find it's name…. I can't believe i just randomly found it today scrolling through my yt feed ๐Ÿ˜‘

  2. Pov:
    You were stuck at street so your crush pulled you in his bike and Helped from escaping police.
    Silence broke wwhen he said "you and I"
    And you covered your arms in his waist and he Starts speeding up and you enjoying the vibe.
    In the tunnels of. City you and him~
    (Can u pin this)

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