Katy Perry – Harleys in Hawaii "Live at OnePlus Music Festival"

Katy Perry – Harleys in Hawaii – Live at One Plus Music Festival

A mix of prime international acts in a concert setting never seen before in India, with some of our homegrown Indian artists. This year, we merge the best in music and the power of tech to bring you an immersive experience, curated and designed by OnePlus. A celebration of music and community. This is OnePlus Music Festival.

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  1. for people who think her singing is bad here, its not. that night, she performed 17~20 songs nonstop and harleys in hawaii was one of the last one she performed. also i need to say how she was moving around and dancing while singing the whole time in such humid temperature. it was so humid that when she tried to change her costume, it cracked it half because she was so sweaty.

  2. For those saying the audience were dead etc, two things. Generally throughout the concert they were muted/reduced in volume and two especially for this song, it was out for perhaps a month with absolutely no promo (if there was no promo in the USA, imagine the lack of promo Worldwide), hardly anyone knew this song came out in 2019. I do not blame the audience, nor Katy but the record label as they didn't push this absolute jam. She is also breathless as this was a 2 hour non stop concert, this was the debut performance of this song and it was absolutely baking out there, plus after this song she had a costume change malfunction.

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