Little Brother SAVES Big Sister! Surf and Swim Lessons Routine in Hawaii.

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This week we spent a LOT of time in the water (and underwater) surfing together as a family! The kids are done with their surf school and lessons so now they just surf every day with dad and friends!

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BABY SWIM LESSONS – The Ultimate Routine to Help Our 2 YR OLD Swim and Deep Dive Underwater :

Kids Swimming with Sharks!! /// WEEK 107 : Bahamas
The kids swam with nurse sharks in Exuma Bahamas last year!

Mermaid Makeover with Adley – Disney Princess underwater routine!

Adley Beach Reviews!! Sand Castle and Buried Routine in Hawaii :

Lava Monster with Adley!! THE FLOOR IS LAVA CHALLENGE at the Park! :

ADLEY SWIMS WITH FISH!! Family Snorkel Routine in Hawaii – she is a pretend mermaid!

5 YR OLD FREE DIVES THE BLUE HOLE!! /// WEEK 105 : Great Blue Hole, Belize
Taking the kids deep diving in Belize!

BLACK BEACH SAND CASTLE!! Fun Routine with my Hawaii Princess Adley 🙂




  1. Now you gotta teach them some surf etiquette. She was cutting the little guy off all the time. Watching stuff like this almost makes me wish I had kids.

  2. Io credo che può essere divetente ora quello che fanno ma senza esagerare. Quando saranno adulti pensersnno di fare ed essere capaci di fare tutto ciò che vorranno. E questo nn sarà un gran bene, si potrebbe trasformare in cise negative. Devino comprendere i loro limiti e nn è così che lo comprenderanno, oltre ad essere troppo egocentrici. Nn esistono solo le cose divertenti e facili nella vita. Questo è il mio pensiero x aver visto alcuni video! 🙄🙄

  3. I am glad they are raising their kids to be athletic and try out different sports. Sometimes parents think it's ok for their kids to watch tv all day but the truth is kids need exercise and time outdoors just as much as everyone else does! And spending time outside is proven to also help with better mental health, doing better in school, etc.

  4. So interesting , the progress is amazing. It’s very special to be able to spend so much time helping the children become the the kind and respectful people they are.
    My son and wife went at least twice a year to the big island, until Covid changed the travel restrictions, it was a second home for them, I feel bad that has changed. We live in Saskatchewan so it was a long but much loved trip to scuba dive.

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