Mom Sues Daughter’s Ex-Friend after Hawaiian Vacation | Part 1

Christina says her daughter’s former friend owes her money for expenses incurred on a Hawaiian vacation.


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  1. I watched that and was like wow!
    You’re helping someone who isn’t as financially set and yet you charge them for dinner? Just classless and disgusting!

  2. Haha…I don't understand this. I have two daughters and we've had their friends come on flights and trips, I pay for everything. These two girls aren't even going to be friends anymore, sue a kid for $375? Come on …

  3. Love how judge Judy gets down to the bottom of it so fast she is fantastic in how she figures out the players and she has a excellent lie detection skill ( wish I had her around sure could use that) we could just eliminate lie detectors and use judge Judy's hair on her neck test 😊🥰💯

  4. I am beyond embarassed for this mother. I dont know whats worse….deliberately trying to humiliate this young girl clearly because she didnt like what she saw in their personalities over time or being so money driven that 200 dollars matters more than anything else!!! This was a tough one to watch. Shes not supposed to get everything right at 19 but the mother should know better. I have grown up children and i have always told their friends if they are struggling in any way they can come to me for anything and if they needed any financial help i would help them and nobody else would know about it and that it also wldnt be a loan. Ive specifically always told them that even if they fell out (as people often do) and didnt want to be friends any more….no matter who was right or wrong that any help i had given them in any way wouldnt have anything to do with anything so that they didnt have to worry about me turning on them when the going got tough. I have helped many many times and i was just happy to be able to help someone who need it more than me and i would do it again in a heartbeat. I really hope this young lady is doing well and i hope she knows that its legally a win for them but morally which is much more important….well…oh dear!!

  5. This is terrible my sons bff gets invited to things with us and I cover all expenses and his mom does the same when my son goes on trips with them like why would you expect them to pay when u invited them and if so it should of been discussed beforehand. Also if you knew she was struggling financially then why invite her to begin with if you expected the funds back

  6. I took a trip with my friend and her family when I was 20 or 21 and I didn’t expect a free trip. All they said was for me to pay a share of the house we were renting. I paid weeks in advance.

  7. the plaintiff probably thinks she's better than everyone else in that room. renting a condo in huntington beach is not cheap – she's just being petty. the fact that she invited the girl but decides she wants money after her daughter and the defendant are no longer friends. just a couple of mean girls

  8. I get paying for the plane ticket. But my parents paid for all the meals especially when they pick the restaurant. For my birthday my parents took me and friend to a beautiful steak dinner. They would never ask her to pay for her meal and would always remind her to get exactly what she wants.

  9. You are a horrible mother. You think you’re teaching someone a “lesson”? Make comments about your daughters friend not being able to afford your trip. You did not make a teenager look bad over a couple hundred bucks. You made yourself look like a petty fool and probably you are more like a c word monster thinking you are justified in this behavior because your dumb petty daughter. Apple never falls far from the tree. I feel sorry for the defendant who thinks she’s vacationing with friends who turn out to be noseUp assholes. I’m so sorry for you sweetie but be strong ! Petty people are everywhere and good kind people who love themselves and others will always be shown a light and brighter day. I see you. Kindness always matters.

  10. People that refused to tell the other verbally that they are no longer friends with you and just drop you like that, were never real friends to begin with. A huge waste of time and money that should of never been spent to start

  11. The plaintiff is seriously Paris Hilton without the plastic surgery to keep her looking 20– she looks how Paris Hilton is supposed to look for her age. She's gorgeous– and I love her daughter's eye makeup.

  12. If I were the adult hosting a trip for my kid and her friend we invited, I would cover the expenses smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ this woman is so cheap.

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