Mom Sues Daughter’s Ex-Friend after Hawaiian Vacation | Part 2

Mom wants her daughter’s ex-friend to pay her back for a snorkeling trip, luau and more from a Hawaiian vacation.


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  1. Reminds me when I went to New York and my friends moms “brother” let me borrow $20 for a dress to wear to some 15 quiencenera and then the lady proceeded to call her daughters “princesses” which was fine it’s her children and told me I wasn’t As pretty as her 2 girls and I felt just so sad like why would someone be so mean to me ! And when we got home demanded the $20 AND THE DRESS BACK 😞 made comments the whole way home like my girls don’t need make up you look sick without it , fell asleep and my leg was on top of my friendS because I was just used to wrapping my legs around my siblings and she told me not to touch her kids omg it was just awful! Even my friends were like sorry my mom is so mean ! HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE

  2. The mother should not have allowed the friend to come with them with only $300 spending money for what was supposed to be a 10 day trip. The defendant should have declined to go if she could not garner sufficient funds in time for the trip. For sight seeing, entrance fees, restaurants, souvenirs and food and snacks for the room, the girl should have had at least budgeted $100/day or $1000 minimum, $2000 if you intend to have fun. If it was clear that the friend had to pay her own way from the beginning, this mother is doing the right thing by insisting that she be reimbursed for the extras she paid for. She is not being "petty" if that was the understanding from the start. If mom had made the girl stay behind at the condo by herself after she ran out of money (probably around day three), while the rest of them went to the luau or the snorkeling trip instead of loaning her the funds so she could go too, that would have been cruel and petty. The defendant showed her true colors when she unfriended the girl she most likely never really liked all that well to begin with right after the vacation gravy train became a pay to play.

  3. Dear parents don’t participate in your children’s antics because you’ll only look like a complete fool. Clearly this woman is mad because her child has hurt feelings because she didn’t want to be friends with her anymore teach your children how to be mature enough to move on amicably. It super petty to be belittling a teenager and what do you expect a 19–year-olds average income to be if she’s living with her parents and she’s going to school and working only part time?!

  4. The young women look like sisters also, The mother look like she really didn’t need the money. I would’ve just wrote it off and in return I will be blessed down the road .

  5. This mom has not heart! Obviously she was struggling financially, she knew the risk of paying for her. A long friendship is worth so much more than a few hundred dollars.

  6. Is the mom serious…. What an embarrassment! She knew she was struggling financially and still sued her. I see why she no longer wanted to associate with that family.

  7. Yikes. You can see that Judy knows exactly what is going on, especially with that last glance at the Plaintiff.

    It’s pretty déclassé to sue a struggling 19 year old over a couple hundred dollars. Wow.

  8. I think it’s kind of hard to know which of these two parties actually had the untenable behavior. I could imagine a scenario where are the host family invited this girl along, and while generous, they were also very rude, condescending, and belittling. I could also imagine a scenario, where the girl who was invited along was overly sensitive, and jealous because of her friend came from a family with more money. I also could see both scenarios existing at the same time. However I do think it is telling that a clearly financially comfortable family is suing a young broke girl for $350. Reeks of petty. Most people in that situation with let it go along with the death of the friendship.

    However, neither of these scenarios dispute the fact that it was clearly laid out that money was owed. It was nice of Judge Judy to analyze the costs and carefully and bring the cost down a bit.

  9. For the mom in the daughter to her friend for this ignorant kind of money. The filing fees are almost more than what she got. So shows that the mother is just a piece of s*** that wants to make a point she doesn't understand people go through hard times in life

  10. She definitely doesn't need the money back but mommy and daughter are teaming up to retaliate one last time on ex-friend because she dared unfollowing. Some would say the defendant lost but she just paid 250 to get rid of them from her life. A good deal if you ask me.

  11. Sorry but if my parents ever took a kid with us on vacation they were treated like one of us. And expected to behave like one of us. You can’t go to restaurant and not invite everyone. Same with group outings. Was she supposed to just sit in the room? We weren’t rich either by any means but bringing a kids friend means the parents get a break. Everyone knows that!

  12. I’m sure she isn’t here for $250 people , she came to show off her gorgeous looks and financial success , also to those who justify the loser who went on a vacation to a place she couldn’t afford then unfollowed them to avoid paying is kind of pathetic .

  13. The plaintiff's hair upkeep costs well over $250 alone; guaranteed! How petty and childish. The way she was condescendingly speaking down to the defendant because she's of limited means was just sad. Some people are so entitled and arrogant. I can see why the defendant wanted to end her relationships with these two.

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