moving houses + starting my second semester in hawaii!


sound in beginning is wonky bc of copyright issues ://



  1. why did you stop uploading on ag snapshots? I know your probably not going to answer this question but l really want to know! please answer!

  2. I just discovered your channel yesterday and already watched all your Hawai'i video's haha! I really love the chill and I feel somewhat more spontaneous and realistic moments you show 🙂 I graduated as M.D. in the Netherlands a couple of months ago and I have always wanted to live in Hawai'i ! You look like you are having a great time while also putting a lot of work and effort into your colllege – keep going girl! ☀️💦

  3. Izzy! Ive been really enjoying watching your recent vlogs in hawaii! Hope this comment finds you because i have a question for you!

    Do you have any advice for finding housing on oahu for someone whos planning to go temporarily (2-3 months)?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. I love you videos I missed them so much you truly are living my dream but how do you make the money to live in hawaii? Do you parents send you money also?

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