MUST TRY RESTAURANT in HONOLULU! || [Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii] Best Sicilian Noodles!

ALOHA🌺 We went to a must try restaurant in Honolulu located in Waikiki of Oahu, Hawaii! They are known for their Sicilian cuisine, tons of truffles, seafood and awesome dessert!
Big MAHALO to Taormina Restaurant Hawaii | Sicilian Cusine for hosting us for this video! #Hosted



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We are Amanda and Felix. We are a born and raised Hawaii based local couple who loves to eat and explore 🌎 !
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MUST TRY RESTAURANT in HONOLULU! || [Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii] Best Sicilian Noodles!



  1. Amanda and Felix I got a notification that at the shopping center I guess all Moana they have a dessert place called Mango Mango could you please check it out for me I’d appreciate that and by the way I love your videos have a blessed day happy new year

  2. Ate here last night based on this video and it was okay but not top shelf Italian food and certainly not up to the standard of the prices. I get that they are making the food a bit bland for tourists, but it was majorly under-seasoned for Italian food.

  3. When my wife and I were in Honolulu in November we walked by Taormina several times. To us it looked expensive for a mostly pasta joint. Looking at the on-line menu it appears your dinner for three would have cost slightly over $400 before tax and tip. That said, the food looked terrific.

    At least after dinner you could have picked up some shortbread cookies at one of our Honolulu favorites, Honolulu Cookie Company, a few doors from the restaurant toward Halekulani.

  4. Aloha Amanda 'Felix and Yvonne!. I live in Mōʻiliʻili, so I am in Waikiki all the time and Taormina is one of my absolutely favorite restaurants. The food, the service everything is exceptional. As a New York City transplant I appreciate a good Italian restaurant (especially one with a Sicilian twist)

  5. I've walked by this place 100s of times feeling curious & savoring the aromas. Thanks for reviewing it. I'm Italian American & can make my own delicious pastas but if I want some next level options (and feel like splurging lol) I'll hit them up for lunch with that Kamaaina discount

  6. Growing up in hawaii we never needed to know the difference between distilled, sparkling, alkaline, mineral and whatever water is out there.😂 cause we drink tap growing up…wasn't until we moved to Vegas that I found out the difference and now since I'm trying to stay away from soda I've gotten used to sparkling water. So now I drink Bubly or La Croix sparkling water. I have a hard time drinking water period so this helps me to drink more. When I want that carbonation without all the bad stuff in soda..👍🏽 I didn't like it at first but it takes getting used to. The more you drink it the more you get used to it and with all the different natural flavors they have now it's even better.

  7. A Belated Hau'ole Makahiki Hou you guyz, Ive been off line since mid December away with relative in San Francisco……I did comment on a post the day I returned home LOL!…anyway I'm so stoked you guyz turned me on to this Italian gem, my wife (BTW is part Italian) and I love Italian food and we're always looking for quality Italian cuisine, MAHALO'S for your post turning us on to Taormina, our next date night adventure. ….Keep rocking you guyz!

  8. Awesome you two ! I love wine pairing with my food !!! So nice to see Da Von ! Happy New year to all of you ! Wow ! Awesome Tako dish !We need to head out to Santa Barbara for Uni ,Mark Weins shared on his LA vlogs ! What a great start for the new year !!!

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