New group of remote workers expected in Hawaii as part of 'Movers and Shakas' program

The “Movers and Shakas” program covers the cost of flights for workers and helps connect them with housing options. In exchange, participants volunteer a certain amount of hours with local non-profits and organizations in the community.



  1. This program is so ridiculously tone deaf & out of touch !!!🙄
    1). You SHOULD have started a program to offer free housing to our THOUSANDS of homeless or low income families in exchange for volunteering.
    2). You SHOULD have realized Hawai’i is vastly overcrowded as it is & not made a program to UNNECESSARILY bring even more people here.
    3). While volunteering these people are provided free housing so as to SUPPOSEDLY 🙄 not take housing from locals, but when they’re done volunteering and decide to STAY in our overcrowded islands, they then ARE taking housing from locals!!!!

    Knock it off!!!!!

  2. Awesome how all comments are against this. We have alot of homeless that would benefit from this program but but we will judge them as crack heads and give work to people from out of state.

  3. You couldn't pay me to go to Hawaii. The Hawaiin people got there land and culture stolen and sold. Everything is expensive and watered down. Barf.

  4. Maybe if the natives Aina kama aina or whatever you want to call them this week… Maybe if they volunteered there wouldn't be a need for this program. It does sound like BS anyways

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