"Philosophy of Sailing": Solo to Hawaii and Return, 2017

2021 voyage is here: https://youtu.be/Oz8wpl9YG1o
Christian Williams retraces an old route in a new boat. Closed Captions (CC) available.
Music: “Dance of the Kordies,” Les Paul Trio; “Like Someone in Love,”* Coleman Hawkins on tenor sax; “The Boy in the Bubble,” Paul Simon, Live Africa Concert, 1987; “Thelonious,” Thelonious Monk Underground. Under “Dracula 1931” sleep sequence is an excerpt from Jerry Goldsmith’s score for “The Omen” of 1976. *The Duke Ellington card in the end credits is wrong–thanks to Steve Smith for catching that: Coleman Hawkins Quintet : Coleman Hawkins (ts) Oscar Peterson (p) Herb Ellis (g) Ray Brown (b) Alvin Stoller (d)
Los Angeles, CA., October 16, 1957)