PiRATE WATER PARK!! Navey's First Water Slide! Adley & Family Swim with Fish at Disney Hawaii movie

🤿 Snorkel Disney’s Fish Park with our Family 🐠

LET’S BE FRIENDS — https://goo.gl/a7ctjJ

HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we were looking at all the colorful fish in the Disney fish aquarium, then Mom told us that she signed us up to SWIM with them! I was so excited! First, we had to get ready… Lifejacket? CHECK! Goggles? CHECK! and we are ready to go! This water was WAY colder than the other pools, I guess the fish like it that way. Right as we got in there were SO many fishies! We got to swim all around the pool. I even brought my underwater camera to get pictures of my family and the fish! While we were swimming by a big window we saw Navey looking at us so we swam up to say hi. After we were done snorkeling we went to a pirate water park playground with slides and obby’s (obstacle course)! Niko and I were having SO much fun! Navey even started playing with us and went on her FIRST waterslide! I went down the slide with her and she had so much fun! We have had SO much fun in Hawaii so we wanted to show you some of our favorite parts of this family vacation! So get some popcorn and enjoy the movie!

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