Premo Rice Talks About Pimping In Hawaii, P Culture, Touring w/ Larry June

Premo Rice “Off The Porch Interview

We sat down with PG County’s Premo Rice for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation we spoke on PG County’s culture, jumping off the porch at 13, learning not to be too nice in life, the history of pimping, living in Hawaii, starting his career off on Vine, his comedy skits with Supa Cent and DC Young Fly, his vine fans following his transition as a artist, taking his career serious in 2014, producing before stepping into rapping, dropping his first tape Mac Sagas, his journey as an independent artist, Coast To Coast Tour, hearing his songs in the strip club, going on tour with Larry June, advice for artist on how to navigate in the industry, his favorite projects he’s dropped, upcoming mixtape after his tour and more! 

Premo Rice

Interview by MikalaTV

DGB Media

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  1. P! my nigga my Fucking brother from another Mother, I appreciate your help to the Younger Generation by telling them about King's Of King's like ourselves my brother..Space Age Pimping is in full effect since Cats like Us been getting money out of a Bi💲💲H so long. We had to Elevate ourselves to a Higher Understanding that's these woman cant Handle their own Money..this is crazy how highly Educated females can't control Money either..I appreciate your own words of Truth my King🤴🏾🤴🏾🤴🏾🤴🏾🤴🏾

  2. Ever since pimp c died I been trying to fill the void.. rice give me a little of that back…any time I got a woman in my car I play nothing but rice…. I don’t play no simp shit…

  3. Please don’t allow this interviewer to conduct any more interviews. She sounds so naive and green. Any woman that refers to other women as “bitches” to a man probably doesn’t have much sense anyways. She seemed far too giddy to talk about the pimping. She sounds like she was interested in it for herself.

  4. Larry June was a real Bay Area pimp with real representation to verify it so all these rappers who really wasn't in the game like Premo and Ralfy The Plug wanna collab with dude to make they izm look solidified but they really not..only niggas I wanna hear rap about this shit is Larry, Jay Worthy, Mitchy Slick, Silky Slim and Ralo The Pimp..they actually make good music and carry themselves like some real izm

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