Today is Cancellation Day for Princess Cruises for the Royal Princess. We have updates regarding things you need to know when ordering COVID tests, why it’s a good idea to fly with Princess EZAir, and Hawaii booster clarification.

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  1. We live in Colorado and were wondering how it works flying to Seattle and then catching the shuttle to Vancouver. We will also be sailing on the May 2nd cruise to Alaska. Are you staying overnight at a Princess booked hotel the night before in Seattle? We enjoy watching all your videos since they are mostly about Princess. Thanks so much!!!!!

  2. Allison, Thanks for these videos. Question about the vaccination card. Will the card they gave when getting the 1st vaccination be sufficient proof of vaccinations or do we need an official form from DEHEC? Also do we need the name, address of vaccination site and their email address? Have a great trip.

  3. @allison, thank you for all the updates, i joined princess as a senior Maine engineer still waiting for my first assignment, they confirmed sapphire Princess, presently at anchorage in limmasol Cyprus. But sadly they not giving proper flights to crew to fly to join ship. I am still fighting with princess india recruitment office to give proper flights to join vessel, let's see.

  4. Thank you Allison! Just a suggestion. I keep copies of our passports and vaccine cards on my phone. It has a "safe folder" that needs a password to access, but it allowed us to keep our vaccine cards and passports in the safe.

  5. Thank you Allison for all of the updates! May you and Gordon have a great cruise. I look forward to watching your live vlog on the ship.

  6. I know this may be a stupid question but does princess accept the QR code for proof of vaccination? It says it does on their website but I wanted to make sure from someone that is getting ready to travel on Princess. We are sailing on the Majestic on 1/22. Thank you for any information you can provide.

  7. That if they make it. We too where on Caribbean Princess we actually left at 6:00. We were to leave at 4:00 also. In the Coral Dinning room we sat at table 345 they were good staff that Services this table. One was named Oliver can not remember the other one name. Please let them we miss them. I had given them reindeer masks that lit up. Plus popper’s for New Years. Please look for them. The tall grey hair maître d’. Is also amazing let him know we said hello. Let him know it’s 3 ladies one in a wheelchair. She was 92.

  8. I read a couple of years ago that you should not take your passport ashore unless you're specifically told to do so. It should be kept in your safe . You're far more likely to lose it or have it stolen while you are off the ship. If for any reason you don't get back to the ship in time and it has decided to leave without you a member of guest services will go into your safe take your passport and leave it with the port agent so you can fly to the next port and meet the ship.

  9. Allison, You are amazing!! Packing for your cruise AND keeping us up to date. Thank you 💕
    Hope you and Gordon have a wonderful cruise. I’m really praying you get a chance to relax and enjoy it. I’m looking forward to watching your videos. I’ll be on the Caribbean Princess February 6!!! So, right after you.
    Smooth Sailing 🚢

  10. Yay!!! You guys passed your tests!!👏👏👏 Have a wonderful time!!! 😜😜 How do I get your email so I can correspond with you that way also??😁 Looking forward to hearing about how things go on your cruise!!!😜😜💘💞

  11. We all made it to Ft. Lauderdale. Safe travels to you and Gordon. Is it true that you can get good deals on a future trip if you book onboard?

  12. So glad you two tested negative! My husband and I will have to enjoy the cruise through your videos…I tested positive so I'm working on cancelling everything. I'm soooo sad…

  13. looking forward to seeing your videos. got off Caribbean Princess on Sunday. there were only going to be about 700 on this week. 1100 on the week I was there. I agree about the buffet options but I did not go hungry. lol thank you for the tip on using EZ air. I think with the uncertain times we are encountering, I will definitely use it next go around.

  14. I would suggest you carry your original vacine card and passport and leave a copy in the safe. We needed originals to enter museums and resturants when we traveled to Europe last fall.

  15. Thanks for those major updates. You covered a lot of information.
    Just a note on masks. I ordered 6 from eMed a week ago today and haven’t heard anything. I’ve reached out to them and no reply yet.

  16. Just to clarify your comments on using Princess EZ Air, according to their current health protocols:
    "If you test positive for COVID-19 during your cruise, you will be reimbursed for expenses for COVID-related medical care, including those incurred during any medically required post-disembarkation quarantine period. This includes air change fees if onward travel plans need to change"
    There's no mention that this only applies to EZ Air users.
    Thanks for your updates, really appreciate the info as we're sailing from Ft Lauderdale on Jan 29.

  17. We purchased the “At Home Covid” test from Radeas through the Princess website—as a backup to our CVS appointment in the morning—-hopefully we will be ok with our CVS appointment and be negative like you! Have a wonderful time!

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