Rivers of molten lava high up Pulama Pali – Kilauea Volcano Hawaii

A surge of lava spews out of a rupture in the lava tube system and is heading down steep cliffs, or pali in Hawaiian. This strong flow is being supplied lava from Kilauea Volcano’s Pu`u O`o Crater four miles to the northwest. The rupture was at the 1600-foot elevation about four miles northwest of Kalapana Gardens, and directly above the old Royal Gardens subdivision.
Further down the mountain I shot the rough a`a lava and chunky pahoehoe lava river, and at the 800-ft elevation I videoed the lava ‘toes’.
Video shot by Leigh Hilbert February 24th, 2012

To see a 34-minute lava movie which includes some of this footage then get your headphones hooked up, and select fullscreen when this p[age opens: http://digitalnectar.ca/2016/01/04/featured-movie/
Also, Leigh has an amazing collection of fine art still images of molten lava for photo or canvas prints: www.Leigh-Hilbert-Photography.com