Rule Change to Enter Hawaii | Health Questionnaire No Longer Required #shorts

Hawaii has updated the Safe Travels program. This is the program that sets the rules for entering Hawaii during the COVID pandemic. Begun on January 4th, the mandatory health questionnaire is no longer required.

Yes, they simplified the process!

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  1. OMG!!! Thank You for this update!!!! I am leaving for Maui tomorrow and have been trying to figure out where is the questionnaire, should I have been emailed already???? So relieved! Love your videos. They really are very helpful!

  2. Hi, I’m flying from Canada in a couple months, and everywhere I look it says you have to have a covid test 24 hrs before you fly…is it 72 or 24?? Thanks for any clarification on this..

  3. Hi. Can you clarify one thing please. Will I need to produce both proof of vacation and a negative test. Or is just proof of vacation enough. I am getting so much conflicting information from the so called official websites. Thanks.

  4. Happy New Year, Hawaii Vacation Guild gang. I have learned so much from your videos ; I used your input for renting my car (Discount Hawaii Car Rental) , booking my room at KBH , the snorkel report and there gear too ! Your picks for snorkeling spots . Swam with many sea turtles , hung out in Hana for 4 days ! I hiked 8 of the 14 days on Maui last November 2021 !!! I have already booked my room in Hana and Ka'anapali for next October/November 2022 . Joined your mailing list ! Thank you so much for dong what you do with The Hawaii Vacation Guild , Best wishes Rob Knapp

  5. Question! My QR code is green and my husbands is yellow. My husband had our daughter (she’s 3) on his ticket. Is this why it’s still yellow?

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